SNEAK PEEK: Powerful Marketing Tips podcast

October 6, 2021
We are getting ready to launch the Powerful Marketing Tips podcast, created for overwhelmed business owners who want to build, run and organize their marketing for good. That is why for the past week,  Mari-Liis Vaher, the founder and CEO of Powerful Marketers, has shared examples of some of the topics that will be covered on the podcast.

This blog post is part of the 100 video series that Mari-Liis has posted inside the Powerful Marketers Community.

Here is the overview of week #13:

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Getting ready to launch the powerful marketing tips podcast

Follow the Powerful Marketing Tips podcast showcase page on LinkedIn to:

✅ be more involved with the launch;

✅ help us out with things like choosing which design to use;

✅ suggest guests and topics;

✅ get early access to the first episodes before others.

Why should you visualize your metrics with Google Data Studio?

3 reasons to organize your metrics and data with Google Data Studio:

👉 It is free to set up and you only have to do it once.
👉 You can combine data from different channels to see the big picture.
👉 Thanks to dynamic data, it is easier to analyze and see trends.

How to get organized with your team with Google Workspace?

Google Workspace enables you to:

👉 Send emails & chat with your team;

👉 Create spaces for different projects and collaborate on shared files;

👉 Schedule virtual meetings with Google Meet;

👉 Organize your time & tasks with Google Calendar.

 Is marketing or sales more important?

To align your marketing & sales activities, use the Client Journey Flywheel process:

1️⃣ Marketing - provide information about your product or service.

2️⃣ Help the customer in the sales process.

3️⃣ Follow-up - check in, ask for feedback.

4️⃣ Make improvements based on the feedback that you received.

Should you hire a marketer or use a marketing service?

Hiring a marketer means: 

✅ they work on your marketing full-time;

✅ you feel more in control;

✅ you gain a team member;

❌ you must train & motivate them;

❌ you must buy necessary equippment;

❌ employment taxes are high;

❌ you must pay for their vacation time.

How to create better content in less time?

💥 Ceate 1 long and 1 short format content as an anchor.

💥 Repurpose the content as much as possible. 

💥 Always keep in mind the lifecycle of content creation: clarity ➝ planning ➝ production ➝ post ➝ engage ➝ and clarity again.

How to build your reputation on LinkedIn?

👉  Work on your headline, headshot and hero banner.

👉 In the “about” section, address the problem, solution and action you want your target audience to take.

👉 Use the "feature" section as an authority area and put your booking information there.

Make sure to join the Powerful Marketers Community on Facebook to follow Mari-Liis along on her podcast launch journey! She will be posting new videos every day at 3 pm Central European Time and on every Wednesday, she will go LIVE – feel free to join the discussion!

Please share this blog post with everyone who works as a marketer at any level - it might be someone who just started to learn about it or someone who has worked for decades in marketing. The topics we cover here are timeless and we would really appreciate your help in building this unique podcast for marketers!

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