Ready To Use Marketing Strategy Building Tool And The 12 Month Marketing Plan

  • Bonus! You will also get access to the Trello Board and Marketing Metrics template to turn your marketing plan into a reality!

fully customizable

detailed instructions

helpful formulas

Here's What's Included In The 4-Step Marketing Mastery Toolkit!

šŸŽÆ 25 guiding questions to help you gain clarity on your strategy

Transform your business vision into a roadmap for triumph! Our new and improved toolkit brings you 25 incisive guiding questions, helping you get crystal-clear on your business strategy.

Dive deep into defining your target audience, unraveling their pain points, shaping your value proposition, and honing your competitive edge. Forge a sales process that's sustainable, while setting ambitious goals and tracking key metrics for victory.

šŸ‘£ Client Journey Flywheel template to build the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST consistently

Client Journey Flywheel is the engine of KNOW-LIKE-TRUST in your marketing universe!

Experience the magic of alignment across internal and external stakeholders.

Cultivate workflows that supercharge conversions, gather vital feedback, and refine your services. Achieve harmony between your teams, your messaging, and your client engagement.

šŸ“… Ready-to-use 12 month marketing plan template with budgeting

Our ready-to-rock 12-month marketing plan template is the compass to achieving your marketing goals. The marketing plan template is built in Google Sheets and is fully customizable. 

Mark down the most important marketing activities for the year, allocate their budget, schedule activity periods, and track costs with precision.

Built-in formulas ensure airtight calculations, keeping you in control every step of the way.

šŸ“ˆ Simple metrics table with helpful ideas on what to track in marketing

Transform data into decisive insights with our simple, yet comprehensive metrics table.

Navigate the metrics maze effortlessly, tracking sales, traffic, Google search dynamics (organic & paid), social media traction, newsletters, media campaigns, and anything else that's relevant to your business.

Tailor your tracking to fit your business, ensuring your path to triumph is laser-focused and efficient.

āœļø Trello board template to turn your marketing plan into daily action

To ensure that your marketing plan materializes into daily victories, use our Trello board template.

It is built to mirror the categories from your marketing plan, enabling you to easily assign roles, set due dates, and reminders for each marketing activity.

Collaborate effortlessly with your team, ensuring no task goes astray. Trello's intuitive interface guarantees nothing slips through the cracks.

ā–¶ļø Video tutorial for seamless implementation

Don't worry about implementation - just follow the simple video tutorial and set up your marketing strategy, 12 month marketing plan and Trello board in just a few hours or less. Your personalized roadmap awaits - just add the information relevant to your business and get started right away.

Instead of investing up to $10,000 in a marketing strategy built for you, take this template and build it yourself!

The tool is ready-to-use straight away and has everything you need to build an effective marketing strategy. Just follow our video tutorial on how to make it work for your business. Feel free to hop into our community for more support and guidance! 

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Nick Cramp

Entrepreneur, Coach, Author

Quickly create your beautiful 12-month marketing plan that you'll love! 

Embrace the future with confidence, clarity, and creativity. Our marketing strategy toolkit is your passport to the marketing success you've always envisioned. Join the ranks of professionals who conquer with precision - because now, you hold the keys to your business's triumph.

The plan has everything you need:

Strategy & planning

Activities on brand channels

Customer service & PR

Paid media campaigns




Employer marketing activities

Other activities

BONUS: Full Marketing Metrics Table

Track the most relevant metrics about:

  • Sales & Conversions
  • Website & Traffic
  • Search & SEO
  • Social Media Channels & Engagement
  • Newsletter & Activity
  • Media Campaigns & Results

To see the trend of your marketing activities, you only need to measure the relevant things once a month. That way you can keep an eye on whether your marketing plan is working or not!

The template can be easily integrated with Looker Studio for custom marketing reports! 

You don't want to miss this!

Become more organized and get desired results faster with the
12-Month Marketing Plan!


The Ultimate Strategy Building Tool with the 12-Month Marketing Plan and Metrics Template that gives you clarity and describes all the activities you want to do within your budget!

Practical easy-to-follow template with pre-defined categories and a user manual!

Ready-to-use template with activities, timelines and budgets, just fill it in and share it with your boss or team!  


Everything you need to do in your marketing throughout the year - all in one place. Never forget anything important ever again!

Track your actual costs and compare it with your budget. See the difference between planned & actual to improve your planning for next year!

Know when something is supposed to happen - if it's not planned, it won't happen! Run your activities effectively with the Trello Board template.


Work smarter, not harder! Become a professional who has everything under control:

  • Activities
  • Timeframe
  • Budget
  • Metrics

It's all there! Get access now and take responsibility for your business' results!

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