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Are you a business owner or a marketer with a product or service you believe in? This podcast is for you! Each week we dive into the real-world marketing obstacles, tactics, and strategies that will help you to get what you have in front of a lot more people.

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We believe in the need for right connections, inspiration, and support when building great marketing. Because No One Wins Alone!

Marketing as a specialty has a wide variety of aspects, which makes it difficult to excel in all of them. Do you understand where your strengths as a marketer lie?

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Overwhelm is the most expensive visible cost in marketing! You can see flashy concepts and tactics and get much information everywhere, but what should you implement for your business? How to do that efficiently?

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The Secret to Battling Content Creation Overwhelm

Join Mari-Liis and Laura from Powerful Marketers as they dive into the fundamentals of content strategy. In this podcast episode, they discuss targeting the right audience, delivering value, and making smart decisions about platforms and media. Utilize the Content Diamond Strategy (created by the Brand Builders Group), where one monthly piece of long-form content is

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Bob Wheatley: Why Should You Build a Personal Brand?

In this episode, Mari-Liis interviews Bob Wheatley, a personal brand expert from the Brand Builders Group. The discussion revolves around building a credible personal brand and how it correlates with business success. Bob shares his experience of switching from being a professional baseball player to a personal branding expert. The episode shares insights into the

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Marketing Multiple Brands: Should You Have Separate Social Media Strategies?

In this episode, Mari-Liis and Laura from Powerful Marketers discuss whether companies with multiple brands should have separate social media accounts or keep everything under one umbrella. The hosts emphasize the importance of considering all aspects of content strategy before making any permanent decision about rebranding. The outcome of creating new channels depends on the

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Finding the Right Marketer for Your Business

In this episode, Mari-Liis and Laura from Powerful Marketers discuss the common struggle of finding the right marketer for your business needs. They highlight the overwhelming nature of marketing and the need to recognize that one person cannot handle every element. The hosts provide leadership advice on how to choose the right marketer and emphasize

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3 Ways to Use Customer Feedback To Grow Your Business

In this episode, Mari-Liis and Laura from Powerful Marketers discuss the most effective ways to use customer feedback to grow your business. There are many ways to do it but to keep it short and simple; we will share three highly effective tips. These include asking for feedback on social media and Google, showcasing the

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Do You Have a Work Addiction?

Do you worry that everything will collapse when you take time off? It might be a sign of work addiction. In this episode, Mari-Liis and Laura from Powerful Marketers explore the increasing problem of work addiction in society and how technology has allowed us to be connected 24/7, essentially leading to feelings of disconnection. They

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3 Most Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Solve Them

Many people see marketing as a cost, not an investment. And it is true, marketing can become expensive, especially when you try to be everywhere and target everyone. In this episode, Mari-Liis and Laura from Powerful Marketers discuss common marketing mistakes that businesses tend to make. They highlight the importance of the “know-like trust” concept

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Tim Fitzpatrick: The 3 Marketing Fundamentals You Must Have To Drive Consistent, Repeatable Results

“Focus on the fundamentals” is a phrase that is often heard in many different contexts, but is especially relevant when it comes to marketing. In today’s world, there is an overwhelming amount of information and marketing channels available to business owners, making it easy to get distracted and focus on the wrong things. However, the

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Why don’t they fire people who are giving lousy service?

Collaborating with people who share your values is essential for any successful relationship, both personal and professional. However, as a client you may occasionally come across such poor customer service that you ask yourself ‘How come they don’t fire these people?’ This is precisely what Mari-Liis Vaher and Laura Kukemelk discuss on this episode of the

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Frederick Cary: What does it take to be a successful business owner?

When it comes to running a successful business, the key is to put your audience first. This is something that Frederick Cary, a powerhouse entrepreneur who has founded more than 10 companies and amassed billions in value, knows all too well. As he explains in the Powerful Marketing Tips podcast, the leading cause of failure

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How to choose the right website developer?

In this episode of the Powerful Marketing Tips podcast, Mari-Liis Vaher and Laura Kukemelk, creators of Powerful Marketers, discuss important considerations when choosing a website developer. They address common issues in working with developers, including unexpected expenses and poor communication, and offer advice on selecting the right partner for a successful collaboration. They emphasize the importance

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Troy Ericson: How to level up with email marketing

Email marketing is an important part of any business. Troy Ericson is the owner of Email Paramedic, a top Email List Management company which helps to increase your open rates & sales of your emails. His company has helped clients generate over $50,000,000 since 2019. He was recognized as the #20 Copywriter globally by Peter

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Meet your hosts

Powerful Marketing Tips podcast is for you, a business owner or a marketer, with a product or service you believe in. Each week we will look into the real-world marketing obstacles, tactics, and strategies for getting what you have in front of many more people.

Episodes are hosted by Mari-Liis Vaher and Laura Kukemelk, business owners, international marketing coaches, and founders of Powerful Marketers.

If you want to be supported, inspired, and connected, then this show is for you!

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