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Nick Cramp: Why leaders need to evolve before they can transform their companies?

Stephen Scoggins: How to get out of your own way?

Gregg Havass: How to turn content into clients?

Michelle J Raymond: How to utilise LinkedIn Company Pages to build a strong business brand?

Scott McKain: How to Create Distinction in Your Marketing

Michelle Griffin: How to get started with LinkedIn Marketing?

Meet your hosts

Mari-Liis Vaher and Laura Kukemelk are the co-founders of the Powerful Marketers brand and the creators of the Powerful Marketer Program

You can get news anywhere, but how to make it all happen in real life? We are here to share our wisdom and expertise on that! We are passionate about self-confidence, marketers' knowledge and professional skills, communication and leadership skills and speak about these topics through the lens of empowerment.

And we have one purpose: to help our listeners cover their marketing gaps & drive their performance.

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Mari-Liis Vaher & Laura Kukemelk