Michelle Lee Myrter: Increase Impact, Influence, And Income With The BANK System

November 2, 2023
In this podcast episode, Mari-Liis Vaher from Powerful Marketers interviews Michelle Lee Myrter, who shares her journey of rebuilding her life after losing her job and how she became an expert in building relationships. Michelle discusses the BANK system, which is a reverse-engineered personality science based on buyology (the science of buying behavior) and core values, and explains how it differs from the well-known DISC model.

Michelle is a business coach and trainer, and an international professional speaker. She has 28 years of experience in sales and marketing for a multi-million dollar company. After losing everything, she built a very successful company and direct sales business by using the BANK system she now teaches other people. 

BANK = Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, Knowledge

The BANK system is a revolutionary approach to understanding and predicting human behavior. Unlike the well-known DISC model, which is based on psychology, the BANK system is based on biology and the science of buying behavior. It goes beyond just categorizing personality traits and behaviors and dives deep into core values and what drives decision-making. It recognizes that every human is unique and has their own set of values and preferences. BANK categorizes individuals into four primary types: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge.

The Blueprint personality type is focused on credentials, trust, and structure. They are organized, detail-oriented, and value tradition and order.

The Action personality type is described as being outside the box, high-energy, and focused on fun and freedom. They are the movers and shakers who approach things with spontaneity and a desire for action. 

On the other hand, the Nurturing personality type is characterized by their emphasis on relationships, teamwork, authenticity, personal growth, and pleasing others. They are sweet and caring individuals who value harmony and connection.

Lastly, the Knowledge personality type is logical and data-driven. They rely on research, science, and logic to make decisions. They are the ones who engineer the box and ensure things make sense.

Every individual is made up of all four personality types, but the order in which they appear determines their unique communication style.

It is important to recognize that different people have different dominant personality types and, therefore, speak different "languages." As a result, it is essential to communicate in a way that resonates with each individual's communication style.

In conclusion, the BANK system is a powerful tool for predicting and understanding human behavior. Its unique approach, based on buyology and core values, sets it apart from traditional personality models like DISC. By leveraging the insights provided by the BANK program, individuals can enhance their sales and marketing skills, boost their confidence, and build stronger connections with others.


  • “And what happened is my life transformed. I was able to grow my company, which was my main goal from zero to 2.2 million in less than three years. But the biggest change that happened was this changed my life with my children. It saved my relationship with my oldest son." (00:02:39)
  • "BANK is reverse engineered. personality science, and if you line up DISC and BANK, they're exactly the same, only completely different. And the reason they're completely different is because it's not based in psychology. It's based in buyology, the science of buying behavior, and it's based on core values.” (00:05:39)
  • “Every person is made up of all four. So it depends on the order that they're in. That makes them the unique person they are.” (00:08:03)
  • “The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs and business owners make is that they speak in their own code, even in relationships with your spouse or your child. We're speaking in a way we understand. It's not the person's job sitting across from us to try to figure out and interpret what we're saying. It's our job to communicate clearly so they understand.” (00:10:04)
  • “Every code is important, and every code can be successful. Sometimes it takes more to get into action for certain codes." (00:21:16)
  • “It's all about the person sitting across from you. The better you can become at understanding it's not personal, it's personality. People matter. Everyone deserves to be seen, heard and understood.” (00:24:42)


  • [00:05:38] The Difference Between DISC And BANK
  • [00:06:30] Blueprint Personality
  • [00:06:49] Action Personality
  • [00:07:10] Nurturing Personality
  • [00:07:24] Knowledge Personality
  • [00:07:24] How To Communicate With Different Personality Types?


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