Boost Your Communication For Impact: Uncover Your Behavioral Style (Based On DISC Analysis) And Master Effective Communication

  • Reveal the depths of your personality and revolutionize your interactions by understanding your dominant behavioral style based on the DISC Analysis.
  • Get clear instructions on how to communicate with different personality types (incl. what words and phrases to use, what topics to avoid, and how to behave when doing business with them).

Here's how the Behavioral Test (DISC Analysis) + Communication Approach Generator works:

Step 1: Decode Your Personality

Embark on a journey of self-discovery through a series of 4 question blocks, each containing 20 thought-provoking questions. Rate your alignment with these questions on a scale of 0 to 10, revealing the dominance of each of the four personality types within you. 

Step 2: Unveil Effective Strategies

Based on your unique personality profile, unveil tailored strategies to engage with other personality types effectively. No more missed connections or misunderstood conversations. Empower yourself with actionable tips to bridge gaps, resolve conflicts, and foster understanding across all behavioral styles.

Step 3: Elevate Your Relationships

Leverage your newfound knowledge to enhance your relationships. Whether you're a charismatic "Dominant," a nurturing "Steady," an analytical "Conscientious," or an expressive "Influential," you'll unlock the key to harmonious interactions. Watch as your personal and professional connections flourish.

understand yourself & others

Forge strong connections by understanding yourself and others at a profound level. We are not all the same, and that's okay!


Adjust your communication style to suit each behavioral style to build trust, resolve conflicts, and collaborate seamlessly. 

improve your presentation skills

Every behavioral style prefers to receive information in a certain way. By being able to identify different types, you are able to personalize your approach.

What are the 4 personality types according to DISC?

People oriented to Dominance (Reds)

They’re drawn towards power and control and are often driven and motivated by money. Reds are the people who get things done, and they’re used to ordering people around. Usually they’re very well-connected. They’re also confident risk takers and quick decision-makers. Their weakness is their big ego. They’re often short tempered, unteachable,  and impatient. They’re also impulsive, and their attention span tends to be quite short. Typical positions for them are CEOs, lawyers, and high-ranking military officers. 

People oriented to Influence (Yellows)

Mostly cheerful and impulsive, they tend to be salespeople, public speakers, and great promoters. They like to have fun. They speak loud and fast and they speak way more than other people. They are also creative which helps them generate lots of ideas that are ‘out-of-the-box’. Their weakness is that they’re often not organized. Because of their impulsive decisions, they tend to overcommit. They find details and technical aspects of processes boring. Instead, they love to focus on the big picture, the vision, the goals and the fun aspects of any project.

People oriented to Steadiness (Greens)

They are down-to-earth, caring and nurturing; kind, generous and compassionate. They’re excellent team players and also generally the best listeners of all the personality types. They’re intelligent, they love to learn, and they’re quick to understand new concepts. They tend to choose professions such as nurses, teachers, counsellors. They give from the heart and often neglect their own needs when providing for others. They are not very goal-oriented, as they would sacrifice goals for emotions and comfort any day. They’re followers rather than leaders.

People oriented to Conscientiousness (Blues)

They’re analytical, conservative, reliable, trustworthy, loyal. They tend to be engineers, researchers, tax advisors, accountants, and analysts.  They need to know ALL the details; all the facts and figures before going any further with any decision. You cannot sell to them, they need to sell to themselves. They dislike when there’s a shortage of facts to work with, and when people show up unprepared for meetings. They also dislike pushy people and aggressive salespeople. They like things done "properly" (following rules and guidelines). 

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