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In our team, we all come to work every day because we want to help marketers. Everyone is struggling. Entrepreneurs don’t know what strategies and tactics to use, how to measure and analyze marketing activities, which trends to follow or even how to budget all of this. Sales might guess it is all on them and together with the financial department they might even think the marketing department is only wasting money. 

Marketers are working overwhelmingly trying to manage a little bit of everything but marketing doesn’t work, team members get frustrated, clients get upset, themselves get upset, their family gets upset. It is all because marketers feel undervalued, overworked, powerless, anxious, tired and unhappy. No one inside the company is sure which trends are going to grow the fastest, and on what products or services are clients really willing to spend their time (and money) on. Have you been there?

You yourself may be a fabulous marketer, granted. But success comes from the actual individual behind it. That powerful person – you – is what actually increases your value as a marketer. Your powerful personality and  professionalism will convince anyone around you and provide you great possibilities. Seems impossible? We help you to conquer the impossible!

Throughout the history of humankind and business, people use psychology and knowledge unconsciously and consciously to make more informed decisions. Our mission is to make MARKETERS powerful. We know your role involves so much more, it is often underestimated but we also know that only you have the power to build your successful life, both personally and professionally. Just the way we have done it to ourselves by working ourselves up so that we can live and work in a sunny coast of beautiful Spain.

As entrepreneurs and marketers with decades of experience we have built and run successful businesses, worked for agencies and been in close partnership with many of them, have founded a marketing agency and worked closely with small and big companies… Our background of experience, knowledge, constant learning and studies has given us a strong supportive basis. Our team has a passion for family, advancement, and possibilities. Our team culture is built upon growth, positive initiative and a fantastic “achieve-better” attitude. We are always working with ourselves, with our mindset, with our productivity, with our success. But at the same time we enjoy this very much.

Read more about the inspiring story of M-L Vaher, the creator and the co-founder of the Powerful Marketer Program.

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