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Powerful Marketers was created to emphasize marketing and its essential role in every business.

Being successful in marketing depends on stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers and the community as a whole

Marketing is not just advertising or social media engagements.

Powerful Marketers Statement

Our mission is to share the inspiration of innovation by bringing the holistic marketing approach to every marketer* in the world.

This mission drives us to do everything possible to expand marketers' potential. We do that by helping to create holistic marketing approaches through the four main components:

Relationship marketing

It is not a one-way street. Always be open in your communication, nurture your leads, build strong relationships, provide value and reward loyalty. 

Integrated marketing

Marketing does not work on its own. Focus on the customer journey as a whole, build a wholesome business strategy and work closely with other departments.

Internal marketing

Your team members are your strongest (or weakest) brand ambassadors! Work on positive branding, supportive workplace culture and encourage employee engagement.

Societal marketing

Your values, mission and vision is what set you apart. Be authentic, stand up for what you believe in, support what's most important and help make the world a better place.

* If you are a business owner, you are a marketer.

Our vision

We see a world where everybody works in marketing — united in the joy of building their business. 

Driven by our passion for marketing and our instinct for the holistic approach, we aim to bring inspiration to every marketer in the world and to make marketing a daily habit.

Powerful Marketers Values

the right thing
the balance
as a team
respect individual integrity
refuse to play the blaming game
commit to helping others grow


Start Your Growth Journey Both Personally & Professionally!

Powerful Marketer Program

Marketers lack credibility and ability to grow enough inside the company. If you want to grow personally and professionally and become a ROI marketer you need to be able to demonstrate how your work and you as a strong marketer affect the business as a whole. 

Start your growth journey by learning the 5 most important pillars of every marketer. We have had 1800+ students from more than 50 countries and there is 95% satisfaction rate among all the coaching students we have had!

Holistic Marketing Mentor

If you are tired of advertising with no return on investment, or feel frustrated about not having a plan and system in place and want to discover how to retain a holistic approach in your marketing, we will show you how to build value inside and outside your company, among your team, stakeholders and your partners!

Together we will build a holistic marketing approach with strategic  marketing communication for your company. Your personal mentor will make sure you will not be left behind!

EU certified

Adult Education Training License Number 215171


100% money back guarantee if not fully satisfied with the value

Here’s what people are saying about Powerful Marketers

Rene Kruze


Our revenue has increased 106% within 10 months!

When marketing and sales activities are integrated, well-thought-out and bring tangible results, then there is no need to fear marketing costs!

Toomas Kollamaa

Member of the Board

What I appreciate the most is the customized approach and service.

I trust Powerful Marketers to keep my company's best interests in mind and that's why I don't need to oversee every single detail. I know that in the grand scheme of things, my company will benefit from this cooperation and that is the most important thing.

Indrek Raud

I really value the holistic view on marketing that I experienced.

You are not only marketing to the outside, but also to the inside which in some ways actually might be even more important! That is what I learned in the Powerful Marketer Program.

So, what is holistic marketing?

The holistic marketing approach focuses on the bigger picture inside the organization, taking into account the considerations of stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and the community as a whole.

The value-based marketing concept provides an opportunity to differentiate from competitors and build a brand that people admire, want to buy from, be employed in and be associated with. Some great examples are Coca-Cola and Nike.

And while the detailed activities within the approach differ from one organization to the next, the general idea is to focus on the four main components: 

relationship marketing, integrated marketing, 
internal marketing, societal marketing.

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About The Founders of
Powerful Marketers

We are entrepreneurs, marketers, salespeople, visionaries who have been active in the field of marketing for 10-20 years, working side by side with SME owners, CEO-s and marketers in various companies in Europe.

We feel our happiest providing powerful growth for marketers around the world, so that they can gain control over their own personal and professional success! We know that everyone has a different struggle and there is a huge mistrust about and within marketing.

We are so grateful for all the opportunities, experiences and people we've met along the way, especially our business and psychology coaches who have helped us to build a truly impactful way to help businesses.

We teach what we believe in

We are avid believers of research and data. That is why everything we share in the Powerful Marketer Program, to our clients and in our free communities is based on trustworthy sources. Among others, we share principles and insights from:

  • psychologists, such as Daniel Kahneman, Carol Dweck, Dan Ariely;
  • expert marketers, such as Seth Godin, Philip Kotler, Gerald Zaltman;
  • powerful leaders, such as Brian Tracy, Lewis Howes, Rory Vaden, Robert Kiyosaki, Hal Elrod, John Maxwell, Simon Sinek and many-many more!

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Mari-Liis Vaher

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Laura Kukemelk

Being successful in marketing depends on stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers and the community as a whole.

...and being successful professionally always depends on having a happy and a powerful personal foundation to build on!