Workshops & Training

  • Feeling Overwhelmed by the Constantly Evolving World of Digital Marketing?
  • Worried That Your Marketing Efforts Aren't Aligning With Your Business Goals?
  • Struggling to Make Sense of Marketing Data and Analytics?
  • Lacking the Strategic Direction you and your team Needs to Succeed?

Start Marketing Smarter, Not Harder!

If you have a product or service you believe in and have decided to improve your marketing efforts, you're in the right place!

  • Just starting OUT?

  • You're new to the marketing world and feel overwhelmed by what you don't know.
  • Our community hub is your starting point. Access videos, valuable resources, recommended books, and ask questions.
  • Join our live meetings to interact with us, get support, and quench your curiosity.

  • Established Business or Marketing Expert?

  • You're already on your journey but seek greater effectiveness and productivity.
  • Our community hub is your resource, but group training and workshops are your next level.
  • Dive into hands-on learning and discover how to market smarter, not harder.

  • Bigger Company, Looking for Alignment and Growth?

  • Your company has substantial revenue, possibly with its internal marketing team.
  • Achieve sales and marketing alignment, streamline daily activities, and grasp the various intricacies of marketing.
  • Dive into a personalized 1:1 workshop where we focus 100% on your specific needs.

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Ready to delve deeper into my personal story and expertise?

Meet Mari-Liis Vaher:

I've walked the same path that you're on now. I've faced every business challenge, from struggling with marketing strategies to feeling personally and professionally trapped.

I've navigated the challenges of building great teams and making tough decisions like letting go of over half my staff when exiting a business. Yes, I've been right where you might be feeling stuck.

But through it all, I've discovered the one thing that can help you avoid these roadblocks. It's a framework that can guide your business's growth and align it with your marketing efforts while minimizing those bumps. This framework is what I attribute all my marketing success to, and I'm excited to share it with you.

With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, I've built not one, but two successful businesses, and I'm currently working on my third.

Today, I collaborate with both multi-million dollar corporations and small businesses, bringing my wealth of knowledge to drive their success.