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Powerful Marketers was created to empower overwhelmed business owners
to rule marketing and drive sales long-term.

We teach a 5-step roadmap to cover marketing gaps and drive business owners' performance. Because being successful professionally always depends on a happy and powerful personal background - it's your mindset that has to be stronger than emotions.

The 5 pillars we teach are mindset, fundamentals, professionalism, communication and leadership.

Mari-Liis Vaher, creator of Powerful Marketers, mindset & marketing coach

Mari-Liis Vaher (nee Kallismaa)

  • Mindset & Marketing Mentor
  • Founder of Powerful Marketers
  • Speaker & Networker

Mari-Liis is an international marketing and mindset coach and founder of Powerful Marketers. She has worked with business owners from 3 different continents by successfully teaching, inspiring and supporting them personally and professionally. With almost 20 years of practical, hands-on experience, Mari-Liis can empower business owners to be ready and well-equipped for any obstacle in their way!

With an MBA and more than 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and helping B2C and B2B companies with their marketing, she is widely regarded as a top marketer in her industry, regularly appearing in national publications and speaking events. As a marketing and mindset coach for motivated business owners, her goal is to empower them professionally and personally.

She is also the host of Powerful Marketing Tips podcast and Powerful Mastermind Club.

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Here are the topics that I'm happy to speak about to your audience

Depending on your audience and what would benefit them the most, I am going to focus on one of the five pillars at a time. Please see an overview of the topics below. PS! I'm happy to collaborate with you and customize these topics to suit your audience and platform.

1. MINDSET: your mindset has to be stronger than your emotions!

In marketing your mindset has to be stronger than your emotions. It is very common for business owners to plan activities for their day but then be blindsided by unexpected situations: they must attend meetings, answer unexpected calls, must review social media posts, manage comments or lead their team member, deal with website crashing or with unhappy client, etc. And it's so easy to become overwhelmed because your to-do list keeps growing, you don't know how to say no, you feel stressed and you feel a lot of anxiety.

As we are emotional, we tend to make bad decisions. And as a result of that you feel incompetent and your confidence will take a hit, you start to question everything around you. And these feelings are often triggered by being constantly distracted, struggling with information overload, living an unbalanced lifestyle and most likely even being addicted to overworking.

Here are the main points I'll cover within this topic:

How can business owners grow professionally?

GET CLEAR: Do you want to expand your business, advance in your career or do something else? Time goes by anyway, what do you want to achieve with your day-to-day? Your identity and how you view yourself is connected to what you accomplish everyday!  MIP time - take time for yourself first to find clarity on your product and service and its target groups and goals.

How to take control of you anxiety and stress?

TAKE CONTROL: Leading a balanced life enables you to experience success professionally and personally. Acknowledge and understand the reasons for your stress and anxiety as only then you can learn to handle them.

The main reasons are unbalanced lifestyle, information overload, distractions, addictive disorder.

Start by living a balanced life with the 8-8-8 principle.

How can business owners boost their confidence?

OWN YOURSELF: Confidence is the result of inner and external work, and it is learnable. Confident professionals are better positioned to start and succeed in any business.

You are a whole as a person and to feel truly powerful you need to take care of the Golden Ratio of Powerfulness: work on psychological, physical and intellectual aspects of your life. Empower your body, mind and soul.

The 8-8-8 concept helps marketers to start living a more balanced lifestyle, reducing stress & anxiety, and ultimately improving confidence & happiness.

2. FUNDAMENTALS: marketing is intertwined with everything else in your business

Regardless of if you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or self-employed freelancer, you have to deal with marketing as it is intertwined with everything in your business. You want to get out to the world to build and to lead your business. But you also want to see the bottom line and you want to see some results, that's why you feel like you need to be "everywhere". There is too much information out there in the world on marketing, different sets of techniques, a lot of channels to use, content to create etc. It is overwhelming. But you don't have to be everywhere, chasing the next big thing. Marketing is intertwined with everything you do in your business every day. 

Here are the main points I'll cover within this topic:

How is marketing intertwined with everything else in business?

Marketing is not an island, it does not work on its own: everybody in your business has to have great clarity on your business, its target audience, the problem your product or service helps them to solve and how. WHY you do what you do is important, but in the long term it is even more important HOW you do it all. Know who is your target audience, what they struggle with, what they need, where to find them and how to work with them. And know your own team as they are your first marketers everywhere and always!

Business House Concept: the foundation of people is always PSYCHOLOGY. And in marketing everything you do is FOR people because people don't work with companies, they work with people. 

Why and how can business owners improve customer retention?

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%, according to research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company. Too many businesses are missing their biggest opportunity to keep costs down: building loyal relationships with customers and other stakeholders. Retaining customers is most profitable for you in the long run as they will become your advocates on the marketplace.

Use Client Journey Flywheel that explaines how your customer journey is an endless process that should always be researched and improved upon. Use your insights and experiences for moving on to the next cycle with a higher level of quality in sales, marketing and customer service. 

How to make better marketing decisions that serve your business long-term?

95% of our decisions are done on a subconscious level, so you need to nurture clients with information and with emotions! The world has changed rapidly, but the methods of understanding people have not. Technology can shape our thoughts, feelings and actions, but the core of psychology and our cognition remains the same.

Plan & audit yourself & your marketing regularly, so that you are equipped with relevant information and can base your decisions off of facts and not other peoples' opinions. Planning is the economy of time & money.

The Business House Concept helps marketers to see the connections between different departments and functions in business, enabling them to gain clarity on the fundamentals.

3. PROFESSIONALISM: Have a decision-making framework for organizing your marketing.

Every business owner should have the clarity and confidence in their understanding of where and why they are going with their marketing. They must be aware of how trends & legislation influence marketing and can easily spot opportunities for their company. They use the right activities in their marketing to consistently move towards their vision. Each activity supports the other and collectively they create synergy, aligning marketing with everything you do in your business. 

Here are the main points I'll cover within this topic:

How to build a long-term strategy for your marketing?

Marketing strategy is not something we do in the future – strategy is the action we take now to achieve our desired vision for the future. It is a decision-making framework, a set of guiding principles that can be applied to the situation. You need to know in which direction you are heading with the company, who is your audience, why they should choose you etc.

Use the SMARKETING approach to build a sustainable strategy: Sales, Metrics, Audience, Research, Knowledge, Emotions, Target group, Industry, Networking, Goals.

Why do you need a tactical plan for your marketing?

Once you know where you are headed, you need to decide HOW to get there. The world has changed rapidly and there are numerous channels & activities that you can use. While your strategy will ultimately remain the same, your tactical plan should be adjustable. 

Remember the ABC of Marketing: Always Be Consistent. Have a process in place that helps you to stay organized and consistent! 

How to align your sales & marketing metrics?

When these two mindsets develop and implement shared metrics and good communication processes, budgeting becomes more flexible and less competitive. As teams can effectively generate, nurture, and hand off valuable leads without losing information in the process, this alignment allows them to design and execute initiatives and activities. This leads your business to becoming more productive and efficient and increases your revenue. 

M easure the most relevant & important KPIs.  You don't have to measure everything for the sake of measuring but just be clear on how you get leads, how do they convert, how to retain customers and how this all it affects your bottom line. If you cannot measure something directly, you can always do it indirectly. Track your metrics at least once per month to adjust, but don't jump to conclusions too soon. Some channels & activities need up to 6 months before you start seeing any behavioral changes. Clarity, repetition and focus are key!

SMARKETING approach helps marketers to build a sustainable long-term marketing strategy, taking into consideration all the crucial aspects.

4. COMMUNICATION: people work with people, not with companies

People who complain about other people not really "getting them" aren't usually getting themselves and  other people around them either. But there are obvious advantages to reading others —their intentions, their feelings, and their character. Because we've got the same mental hardware as everyone else, we have the same limited time and energy, which means we take the same shortcuts without realizing it. As soon as you do realize it, you are halfway there! Awareness of communication styles and people's behavioral background makes it easier to root out bias, assumptions or being too emotional yourself. 

Here are the main points I'll cover within this topic:

Why understanding others always starts with understanding yourself?

Every relationship is always a two-way street, either personally or professionally and we are always affected by our emotions, assumptions and expectations. By understanding what different people go through at any given moment, you are better positioned to positively influence them (your team, your target audience, and basically everyone in your personal and social life).

By being aware of the Life Curve & Generations, you understand how people are influenced by their age, psychological & physiological changes they go through as they age, as well as the cultural background, generation, society, nationality etc.

How to adjust your communication style for different personality types?

Communicate with people in the way they expect it, not the way you want to communicate with them.

There are 4 main personality types. We are all a mix of these types and in some situations we act more like one personality type and in another like a different personality type. Each personality type values different things in communication, e.g. results & decisiveness vs fun & personality vs numbers & data vs relationships & agreeability.

Get clear on the personality types and communicate information to them in a way that they want to receive it, not the way you want to communicate it. This means adjusting what you focus on in your communication, how often you communicate with them, in which setting etc. 

Why are the benefits of networking for business owners?

Your network is your net worth as people are working with people, not with the companies. You need good relationships to either advance your career or to grow your business or to grow as a human. Having strong relationships before you need them will open you the right doors along the way and you don't have to struggle alone. 

Networking is easier than you think. Just learn some basic techniques and then just show up, follow-up and give! Always focus on giving first, and only then can you expect to receive.

The Life Curve theory explains why we as humans sometimes struggle with getting along with people who are of different age or generation from us. 

5. Leadership: BeCOME organized and rule your marketing, projects, team and time!

Many business owners don't usually see themselves as leaders. They even say that they don't want to or don't have the skills to lead other people, or that they don't have the ambition to grow into a leader. Maybe you also just want to focus on your job and not "waste" time having to manage other people. But this also means that you are at the mercy of others: people are not being motivated, they are not loyal and it is possible you struggle with delegating also. It seems like it's "easier" for you to do everything on your own, you don't trust others and take on more and more tasks, eventually leading to burning out & not being able to grow your business.

Here are the main points I'll cover within this topic:

Why should every business owner learn inspirational leadership?

Everybody is a leader, regardless of their position. You are the leader of your life, for starters!

Invest time into people, into empowering them and giving them the tools to be well-equipped in their job, and as a result you will be able to allocate more and more time into strategic planning and less time into putting out fires. We at Powerful Marketers follow the 5 Levels of Leadership Model by John Maxwell.

How to motivate yourself and others?

We are not rational, but emotional beings and we need encouragement, we need to feel like we belong, experience success, prove ourselves to others etc.

Start with triggering the right emotions: WHY an activity is important for you or your team? This will lead to powerful feelings, thoughts, goals, actions, habits, culture and results. This is what we call the Powerful Success Process.

Always hold yourself & your team accountable for either the process or the results. Agree on tiny goals & follow-up.

How to effectively manage your team & time?

People who are consistent with using a calendar and to-do list are about three times more likely to be millionaires than those who don’t keep a set schedule, socio-economist Randall Bell says.

Plan your calendar as if you were in school: you have "lessons" at a certain time of the day and you do them no matter what.

  • Do the most important activities first - these are the activities that get you closer to your long-term goals & you need to approach them as your non-negotiables.
  • Delegate what you can & make sure to motivate & keep your team accountable.
  • Plan time for things that must be done, and do them at the right time & forget about them until then.
  • Delete what you can from your to-do list. If they are not important or time-critical, then perhaps you don't have to do them at all - or at least figure out a way to automate this process so that you can multiply your time in the future.

The Powerful Success Process helps marketers realize how to motivate themselves and their team.

Powerful Marketer Program

Designed to help overwhelmed business owners to rule their marketing.

Powerful Marketer Program provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to organizing your life and your marketing. Improve your confidence, gain clarity on your actions, and feel peaceful knowing that no matter what stands in your way, you are well-equipped to deal with it!

Follow one logical system with 5 pillars to empower yourself to build the career and life of your dreams.

Key Facts about Mari-Liis

Books authored
  •  “10 Steps Towards The Perfect Advertising Gift” (2017, in Estonian) 
  •  Southwestern Consulting: The Sales Management Coaching Curriculum for Manager’s Edge (2017- 2018)
  • Mahena Crisis Counseling and Self-Discovery Center: Primary Crisis Counseling (2018) and Relationship Dynamics (2018)
  • University of Tartu: MBA in Economics and Business Administration ·(2004 - 2010)
  • Estonian American Business Academy: BA in International marketing · (2000 - 2004)
  • Recognition from the President of the Republic of Estonia (2016) for volunteering at the non-profit organization RuaCrew 
  • Recognition from the Ministry of the Environment in Estonia (2016) for initiating and leading several environmental campaigns 
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