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Do you face these challenges?

😫 Overwhelmed by all the tasks required for marketing, sales, and business growth?

😟 Feeling alone and wish for guidance and fresh perspectives?

🀯 Struggling to keep up with marketing trends and algorithms?

😬 Want to streamline tasks but don't know how to create effective workflows and automations?

😡 Drowning in endless marketing updates but unsure what will truly help your business?

We Have The Solution: Powerful Marketers Hub!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Make informed decisions for your business' marketing strategy by staying ahead with our monthly live classes and expert masterminds.

Develop Your Marketing Toolbox

To help you align your marketing with business goals, we have prepared an extensive library of tools, templates and video trainings accessible 24/7.

Accountability and Growth Support

Ensure that you are on track with your marketing goals through accountability calls, and receive hands-on support as needed.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside:

What You'll Get Access To With Your Membership:

  • On-demand trainings on mindset, strategy, marketing, communication, networking, leadership, and everything in between. Whether you are just starting out or have decades of experience, with more than 70 videos on various topics, we can guarantee that there is something for you.
  • Live classes with Mari-Liis Vaher, the founder of Powerful Marketers. Tap into her experience of 20+ years in marketing and 10+ years as an entrepreneur to fast-track your growth.
  • Tools & templates that help you to streamline your processes. With over 20 tools with pre-built formulas, you can get organized and build systems for your business fast.
  • Monthly accountability calls with other community members to ensure that you stay on track and receive the support that you need.
  • Community chat that connects marketers and business owners globally. Start a thread or join the conversation to exchange value!
  • Experts at your fingertips: join expert mastermind to connect with experts from various fields or contact them directly through the members registry.

What Are Others Saying?

It is a platform where you can share ideas, experiences, and learn from others. 

A strong network of contacts helps in finding business opportunities, collaboration projects, and recommendations, which are essential for any business growth.

Additionally, I gain valuable information about the latest marketing trends, strategies, and tools. For example, I heard about the Submagic app here before it became popular in Estonia. There are also various marketing material templates available for download from the virtual environment. This is not just a fun place; it is a genuine environment where you can seek advice and build your business.

I also like that I am surrounded by like-minded people who all understand the challenges of business. Regular interaction at virtual and in-person events helps to find quick solutions to any problems, generate new ideas, and have interesting discussions. It’s also important to me that this community was initiated by women. The business world is often dominated by masculine energy, and I feel it’s super good to see feminine energy driving as well.

Mai-liis kivistik

I would recommend this to any marketer and business owner.

What you learn here will be beneficial to your business as a whole, yourself as a person, and of course the marketing field as well.

laura kassin

Powerful Marketers is a warm and supportive community.

The mastermind groups are packed with useful material and Marketing Mornings are a great place for business networking while learning.

Mai peksen

I can't stress enough how much of a blessing your guidance has been for me.

You see my business from a perspective and with a clarity that is so valuable to my business.

julie williams

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