OurPower Ltd (OÜ) honours our clients’ rights to privacy, which is why we can confirm that our daily practice is in accordance with GDPR. Here is a short overview of our principles about collecting and preserving personal data.

Collecting personal data

We only collect such data that is necessary for providing a service or creating an offer (when you have requested it via submitting an inquiry or by contacting us personally). Data collection can happen through our website (by completing a contact form), through e-mail, by phone, in a meeting or at an event (by exchanging business cards).

We can ask you for the following personal data:

  • Your personal contact information: name, email, phone number, address
  • Data about the company you represent: name, registration code, VAT number, address and other publicly available data
  • Data concering your activity in our website through Google Analytics (cookies, IP addresses, visited sites)

Processing and preserving personal data

We use your personal data to fulfill the orders and to provide the service. Your personal data is never given to third parties (excl. by legal requirements). At any given moment, you have the right to ask us to correct the mistakes in the data we have about you or to ask us to permanently delete it. You can submit this request by contacting us via email: info@ourpower.business.

We confirm that we process and preserve your personal data according to legal requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact us: info@ourpower.business.

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