Bridge The Gaps Between Your Business & Your Marketing

Mari-Liis Vaher

Tired of not seeing actual results in your marketing?

  • What you see as marketing is what other people tell you that you should be doing. You create a website, digital funnel, social media channels and sales pitch and think that will get the job done, right?
  • Then you try everything else to get your word out...
  • But IT IS NOT WORKING. There is NO consistency or connection. And you don’t see the results you crave.
Laura Kukemelk, Powerful Marketers

How do you close these gaps to ensure your audience knows what you can do?

  • Your business means everything to you. But you don’t know what you don’t know. This is most evident when it comes to marketing what you do and how you can help your customer.
  • You think a website, sales pitch, and email campaign are enough to drive your message. You try different things to ensure your message gets out. Yet, no results.
  • What your audience sees is inconsistency.
  • This means there are GAPS in your marketing, which means your business is not getting the full benefit of your efforts.

Let’s overcome marketing frustration together.

At Powerful Marketers, we have condensed the best marketing knowledge and skills that we are still experiencing, practicing, learning, and doing every day into one logical system so you wouldn't have to spend another 20 years filling the gaps in your marketing!  

No One Wins alone! We are the marketing community and network for business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers, and marketers who join forces to advance each other together.

  • Be connected: You never know who knows someone who can open some doors for you. We are dedicated to helping you build meaningful relationships and business friendships worldwide.
  • Be Inspired: You don't know what you don't know. And you don't want to waste your time and money with marketing. A good decision is based on knowledge.
  • Be Supported: You are not alone. Hands-on coaching, group workshops, and training are here to help you get on the right track sooner, not later. We help you implement and create the best system for you to work smarter, not harder.

Working with us looks like this:


  • Discovery workshop to identify where the issues lie
  • Determine current effectiveness and possible obstacles
  • Clarify how to build an optimal marketing and sales alignment 

  • Outcome: gaps clarified
  • OPTIMAL systems

  • 1:1 and group coaching have a clear focus on your business
  • Proven strategies that will help build efficient systems for lead generation
  • Benefit from accountability and group collective learning 

  • Outcome: bridges built
  • Delivering results

  • Drive your business with the right support
  • Get organized, clear and consistent 
  • Free up time for business innovation and growth

  • Outcome: gaps closed

The Benefits of Bridging Your Gaps With Us

  • You gain EXPERIENCE you didn’t have before, allowing you to expand your knowledge in how to be successful.
  • Your path to success is CLEAR, without the gaps to “go around.”
  • Having ongoing SUPPORT on your journey means you have the confidence to move forward.
  • You will be surrounded by like-minded COMMUNITY who join forces to advance each other together.

Get to know us and see what others are saying:

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Join Us to Be Inspired, Supported & Connected

Customers served! 100 + community members

1:1 hands-on coaching** 

Customers served! 100 + monthly Mastermind attendees

Ready-to-use tools & templates 

Customers served! 100 % satisfaction rate*

Certified video courses***


among our coaching students & Mastermind participants


20+ years of marketing and 7+ years of coaching experience


Signature framework video courses Certified & Issued by the Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia (European Union) on 28.05.2020.Adult Education Training License Number 215171.

No one wins alone!

Be connected and visit our meetings to cultivate meaningful relationships, purpose-driven business, and professional friendships worldwide. We are dedicated to helping you build meaningful relationships.


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90% of all the companies in the EU and US are small businesses (The World Bank). That means you are not alone, as we all have similar obstacles and issues in marketing. Book a call to get to know us and the support we can provide.

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