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Smarter marketing alignment with business goals through daily productivity and consistent efficiency.

Overwhelmed by Marketing? You're Not Alone!

You can be the greatest expert in your field, but if your target audience doesn’t know, like, and trust you, your marketing efforts will feel in vain. Flashy digital opportunities, constant multitasking, and overwhelm often undermine clarity, focus, efficiency, and productivity. A smart, long-term marketing strategy aligns your marketing activities with your business goals, ensuring sustained success.

At Powerful Marketers, we understand your challenges:

  • Unbalanced: Struggling to align marketing efforts with business goals.
  • Unclear: Lacking a strategic marketing direction.
  • Unknown: Feeling invisible in a crowded digital landscape.
  • Uncomfortable: Facing constant pressure and uncertainty.
  • Unmanaged: Difficulty managing teams and projects effectively.

Join Our Upcoming Events:

At Powerful Marketers, we are passionate about curating exceptional marketing events that blend learning, networking, and adventure. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting, our events have something for everyone.

Mastermind Meetings Open For Everyone

🌍 International virtual meeting

📌 Each meeting has a guest expert leading the discussion

☑️ Participation is free, but you must register beforehand

Local Marketing Mornings (Estonian)

📍 Local in-person meeting in Estonia

📅 We typically meet on the first Wednesday of each month

💶 Limited spots only, ticket must be purchased beforehand

Community Events: Marketing Live & Accountability Calls

💡 Monthly Marketing Live sessions for inspiration and guidance

🤝 Monthly Accountability Calls for peer support

☑️ All included in the Powerful Marketers Hub subscription

Workshops & Training

👩‍💻 Virtual and in-person workshops held in English or Estonian 

📅 2-3 group trainings per year 

☑️ On demand 1:1 workshops available

No One Wins Alone!

We all need like-minded people around us who lift us, understand and challenge us to grow, have gone through the same struggles, and get the obstacles that building a business brings.

Thank you to all the incredible people who have been part of our journey so far!

Working with us is a powerful journey where you will...


You never know who knows someone who can help you and open some doors for you. Network, meet, and greet our community members, clients, partners, and friends worldwide! Join our events and be active in discussions, and do not hesitate to ask for help if needed.


You don't want to waste your time and money with marketing. A good decision is based on knowledge. But there is so much content out there, so how to focus on what is important to you? Check out our resources, our blog, weekly tips email, and podcast we have created to help you.


Our signature framework, a five-step marketing training, is specially designed to help businesses align marketing with their business goals and attract the right clients. We also offer bootcamp-style training for more intensive and hands-on work with us. Find out more inside the community!

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We’re happy to shine the spotlight on Gee Ranasinha, Founder & CEO of KEXINO, a global marketing agency helping start-ups and small-to-medium sized businesses in the USA and EU. Gee recently shared his insights on an important topic for marketers: Dark Social.

Community Member Spotlight: Gee Ranasinha’s Insights into Dark Social and Modern Marketing

Terry Bean: How To Approach Different Behavioral Types In Sales And Marketing

Approaching different personalities in sales and marketing is crucial for success in the business world. In this podcast episode, Mari-Liis Vaher from Powerful Marketers interviews Terry Bean, an experienced leadership speaker and coach, on the importance of understanding and adapting to different behavioral types. Terry introduces the concept of the four primary drivers of behavior and shares how to recognize and leverage these drivers to effectively engage with different personality types and tailor marketing strategies to meet their needs and preferences.

Terry Bean: How To Approach Different Behavioral Types In Sales And Marketing

Spotlight on Success: Mai-Liis Kivistik’s Journey in Holistic Beauty and Amazon Entrepreneurship

We are excited to introduce Mai-Liis Kivistik, our valued Powerful Marketers Hub community member! Mai-Liis is a certified naturopath, founder of MaiWistik Skincare, and an international yoga and face yoga teacher. Her passion for holistic longevity and natural beauty shines through in everything she does.Passion for Holistic BeautyMai-Liis is dedicated to promoting a holistic approach

Spotlight on Success: Mai-Liis Kivistik’s Journey in Holistic Beauty and Amazon Entrepreneurship

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