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  • Have you ever felt that you are not really sure where your marketing is heading?
  • Have you dreamed of having a marketing plan and activities in action that you can assess, measure, understand and compare to your company's success? 
  •  Or do you struggle with time management and getting everything done in your marketing systematically and effectively?

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 We live in a global world where everything is in constant change, and the only way to make real impact is by focusing on the whole. We have practiced the holistic approach in business and in life for years now and have inspired hundreds of people from around the world to break out of the silo mentality.

1800+ students

from 50+ countries

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from coaching students

You are not only marketing to the outside, but also to the inside which in some ways actually might be even more important! This is the holistic view I experienced when going through the Powerful Marketer Program.

Indrek Raud

Entrepreneur from estonia

Business owners really need to start thinking about how they are marketing and the fact that every piece of everything that they do is marketing. If you don’t control your marketing, it will control you!

Kimberly Shepheard

marketing agency owner from Colorado, USA

The idea that everybody now works in marketing is one that needs to be put across! And that is exactly what Powerful Marketers address -  breaking the silo mentality within organizations.

Jim Sharman

a communication coach from Liverpool

The easiest way to start implementing holistic marketing straight away

Welcome to the Powerful Marketer Program, the only professional development program you need to take as a marketer. 

No more endless chasing of the “next big thing”, let go of the fear of missing out and stop doubting yourself. Based on over 250 sources, we have created the ultimate guide to holistic marketing.

Experience the practical value of the Powerful Marketer Program and download the 12-Month Marketing Plan with the Metrics System straight away to start transforming your marketing now!

Here’s what people are saying about Powerful Marketers

Errit Kuldkepp

With Powerful Marketers, you can have it all. 

Not only the knowledge, but the necessary tools as well.

Justin Hein

It is just so wholesome - it has the videos and the worksheets.

You can pick and choose which tools you need the most for your profession, your marketing team or for your personal goals. It truly helps you to grow personally and professionally!

Maritta Oskin

Perfect for multitasking marketers as I was

 I was unorganized, I was an overachiever and now I have learned to organize my time, to stay focused, to be balanced. Real, practical tools!

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