How To Prepare For Growth?

  • Discover which areas of your life need improvement, set meaningful goals, and cultivate life-changing habits with the Competency Test + Habit Tracking Tool.
  • Whether you're looking to excel in your personal life or propel your professional journey, this tool is your path to success.

Here's how the Competency Test + Habit Tracker works:

Step 1: Assess Your Life Areas

Evaluate key aspects of your life on a scale of 0-10, pinpointing where you thrive and areas that require growth. Your journey begins by examining your satisfaction with the following life areas: Physical Health, Mental Health, Personal Relationships, Professional Relationships, Personal & Spiritual Growth, Giving Back & Service To Others, Work & Career, Finances, Time Management, Learning New Skills.

Step 2: Craft Your Action Plan

Based on the evaluation, you are able to visualize your strengths-weaknesses, and identify balance within your life wheel. Strive for symmetry as you envision your current and desired situations.Define the areas that demand your attention and growth. Brainstorm with the help of our extensive list of personal development activity ideas, tailored to each area you've chosen to develop.

Step 3: Set Your 12-Month Goal 

Dream big and set your sights on a transformative goal for the next 12 months. Your goal should ignite your passion and drive, pushing you beyond your comfort zone. Make sure to define up to 5 activities that will help you achieve your goal by doing them consistently.

Step 4: Form Lasting Habits

The path to success is paved with habits. With our customizable Habit Tracker, you'll establish a proven plan for consistency and accountability. Witness your progress as you tick off each milestone and watch your new habits become second nature. The Habit Tracker will automatically calculate your progress % based on your weekly goals.

Benefits of the Competency Test + Habit Tracking Tool:

The tool is ready-to-use and you can fully customize it to best support your individual growth!

Create the plan that helps reach your personal and professional goals and use it forever (no need for a re-purchase or a subscription), simply duplicate the existing template and create a new plan for every year.  For seamless application, you will also get access to the video tutorial on how to use the tool.

Consistency Breeds Success

Harness the power of consistency to turn your aspirations into achievements. By cultivating purposeful habits and tracking your progress, you pave the way for growth. 

Unlock Your Full Potential

As you consistently follow your tailored plan, you'll witness your capabilities flourish, reaching heights you never thought possible.

visuaLize your progress

Become your own biggest supporter. The visual representation of your progress acts as a powerful motivator, inspiring you to push further and achieve more.

build momentum

Every successful venture begins with small steps, and our Habit Tracker helps you build momentum over time. Stay laser-focused on your goals with purpose-driven action.

enhance accountability

Hold yourself accountable like never before. As you track your habits, it makes it easier to stay on track and make necessary adjustments to ensure your success.

inspire lifelong habits

This tool isn't just a short-term solution; it's a lifelong companion on your journey to excellence. Develop habits that become an integral part of your daily routine!

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