How To Build A Marketing Strategy

June 26, 2024
Feeling lost at sea with your marketing efforts? You’re not alone. Many businesses jump straight into action without a clear plan, leading to diluted efforts and subpar results. To reduce overwhelm and ineffectiveness in marketing, you must have a solid decision making framework. Don’t know how to get started? No worries, in this podcast episode, Mari-Liis and Laura from Powerful Marketers share the main steps that help you gain clarity and build an effective marketing strategy.

Here are the key takeaways from the episode:

Why Clarity Matters?

The first step in crafting a marketing strategy is gaining clarity. You've probably heard the advice to know your target audience and be clear about your products or services. But why is this so crucial? Diluted focus gives you diluted results. Imagine trying to set a piece of paper on fire with a magnifying glass and sunlight. If you keep moving the glass around, the paper will never ignite. You need to hold the glass steady and focus on one spot. Similarly, in business, you can't serve everyone or be everywhere. Concentrating your efforts on a well-defined target audience ensures more effective and impactful marketing.

The Fear Of Missing Out

It's natural to think that focusing on a specific niche means losing out on other potential business. However, the opposite is true. The clearer you are about who you can serve and how you can serve them, the easier it is for those people to find you. They feel heard and understood, creating a stronger connection. To create a marketing strategy, you need to understand your current position, your goals, the obstacles in your way, and how to overcome them. This clarity provides a framework for decision-making in your marketing efforts.

Marketing Strategy Building Tool

To assist you in gaining this clarity, we've developed the Strategy Building Tool with the 12-Month Marketing Plan. The first step focuses on clarity with 25 guiding questions to help you craft a strong strategy. But a strategy without an action plan is just a dream. Our tool also includes steps like the client journey flywheel, a 12-month marketing plan, and a metrics table.

Think Through The Entire Client Journey Flywheel

Marketing is about building Know, Like, and Trust with your customers. Start by viewing the world from your customer's perspective: they need to KNOW you, LIKE you, and TRUST you before they buy from you. Our Client Journey Flywheel has four key steps to create a positive, long-lasting client experience:

  1. Awareness: How do you share information about your brand, products, or services? On which channels and with what type of content?
  2. Conversion: What are the measurable conversions, and how do you guide potential customers to take the desired action?
  3. Follow-Up: How do you follow up with customers after conversion, and how do you solicit feedback?
  4. Improvement: How do you use customer feedback to improve your products or services?

Stay Committed and Adaptable

Once you have clarity and understand your client journey flywheel, it's time to create an action plan with a clear timeframe. Our 12-month marketing plan helps you define activities, schedules, budgets, and responsibilities. Don't forget to include metrics to evaluate your marketing efforts effectively. After setting your plan, it's crucial to put it into action and give it time—typically 3-6 months—before assessing its effectiveness. Patience and commitment are key to seeing valid results from your new strategy.


  • “When you are all over the place, you overwhelm yourself and also your potential customers.” (00:01:21)
  • “The clearer you become with who you can serve and how you can serve them, the easier it is for those people to find you.” (00:02:31)
  • "In a crowded marketplace, clarity is really what sets you apart better than anything else." (00:06:14)
  • “And I know that marketing can feel like a puzzle, but it's actually quite simple because it is all about building this know, like and trust.” (00:08:34)
  • “There are many little details that need to be clarified in order for your marketing to run smoothly. And also don't forget about the metrics table because you need to measure what is happening and what is working, what is not.” (00:11:42)
  • “A successful strategy takes time to yield results, right? So stay committed and be ready to adapt changes if needed." (00:13:40)


  • [00:02:14] Clarity, Focus and Their Impact on Marketing Success
  • [00:07:41] Strategy Building Tool: Step 1 (Gaining Clarity)
  • [00:10:10] Strategy Building Tool: Step 2 (Client Journey Flywheel)
  • [00:11:09] Strategy Building Tool: Step 3 (12-Month Marketing Plan)
  • [00:12:03] Strategy Building Tool: Step 4 (Metrics)


Here's the full episode on YouTube:

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