How to align your marketing and sales activities?

August 4, 2021
How many companies do you know where sales and marketing are truly aligned? It has been proven time and time again that aligned teams work much more efficiently and perform better in general. Yet, most companies still work in the silo mentality: marketing department deals with marketing stuff and sales department with sales stuff, no further collaboration is established. It's time to break these barriers down!

At Powerful Marketers, we believe that everybody works in marketing, meaning that every person in your business represents your brand regardless of their position, and at the same, you are constantly marketing yourself as a person!

To make navigating the world of marketing a bit easier, Mari-Liis Vaher, the founder & CEO of Powerful Marketers, set out on the journey of launching a podcast for marketers. The aim of the podcast is to inspire and help marketers to grow personally and professionally in order to feel empowered and equipped to handle any situation they may encounter. On this journey, she posts a short video on a different topic related to marketer’s growth for 100 days in a row inside the Powerful Marketers Community

Here is the overview of the fourth week:

See the recap of the first week HERE, second week HERE and third week HERE.

How to align your marketing and sales activities?

Alignment means a shared system of communication, strategy and goals within the business. Marketing and sales cannot simply work separately as customers engage with brands long before they purchase and long after a sales deal closes. Through alignment you can create a seamless experience for your customer!

How to stay consistent with your marketing?

It's time to make consistency your priority! Set yourself up for success by always planning ahead, choosing one anchor topic for the week or month and then focusing on what needs to be done! Don't procrastinate, "eat the frog" and delegate if possible. You don't have to do it all alone! 

Why you need a marketing strategy?

Marketing strategy helps you to see your company's future prospects. It makes daily decision-making easier and creates clarity across company. It forces you to do a proper market research and therefore helps you to save money on activities that don't really serve your goals. Be strategic and embrace clarity!

How to create a marketing strategy?

To build a balanced and sustainable marketing strategy, use the SMARKETING approach. SMARKETING is an acronym in which S=Sales & Service; M=Metrics; A=Audience; R=Research; K=Knowledge; E=Emotions; T=Target group; I=Industry; N=Network; G = Goals. Find out more from the blog post HERE.

Why does marketing strategy even matter?

Is having a business strategy actually relevant in today's fast-changing world? While flexibility and speed are good skills to have, you still need a decision-making framework that can be applied to any situation. Otherwise, your marketing efforts get blurred which in turn leads to blurred results!

how to create great content in marketing?

Content creation does not have to be a hassle! Start by having a clear focus on who your client is. Gather constant feedback from your clients and create a list of 100 most common questions & answers. Once you have that, just start posting this information one piece at a time.

how to be an ethical marketer?

To feel empowered and be respected, you always have to adhere to the ethical principles of powerful marketers. This means respecting yourself and others around you, being mindful of laws and regulations, and always committing to your personal growth and professional development!

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