Become a true marketing leader

September 29, 2021

You want to get out to the world to build and to lead your business. But there will be many challenges along the way. There is too much information out there on marketing, some of it is even contradictory. And unfortunately there is also no shortage of other people out there doing something similar to what you do. So, how to stand out and start ruling your marketing like a true leader?

This blog post is part of the 100 videos that Mari-Liis Vaher has created on her journey to launching a podcast for marketers and business leaders. On her pre-launch journey she posts a short video every day for 100 days in a row inside the Powerful Marketers Community

Here is the overview of week #12:

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Start thinking like a true marketing leader

As you grow your business, you will not get more time anywhere. Things will not get easier either.

πŸ’₯ The only way to multiply your time & strength is to empower others around you.
πŸ’₯ Train your team and invest time into involving them so that they can start easing your burden. Nobody wins alone.

How to grow as a leader?

To inspire your team to think along, do high quality work, be productive and work towards achieving your goals, remember:

🀍 "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

🀍 Raise your standards to raise your leadership. Lead by example! 

How to motivate people around you?

πŸ’₯ Be available for them and spend 1:1 time together.
πŸ’₯ Inspire them with your vision and explain it to them.
πŸ’₯ Push them out of their comfort zone gently so that they can grow.
πŸ’₯ Appreciate and celebrate them.
πŸ’₯ Believe in them and trust them.

How to rule your marketing?

Marketing is intertwined with everything else in your business which means that whether you like or not, you have to work with it. But whatever you do, make sure that your activities are:




How to manage your time?

▢️ Effective self-management gives you more freedom of choice in regards to what you do and when.

▢️ It gives you freedom from deadlines, because when you put tasks in your calendar and simply follow that, your mind doesn’t have to multitask.

▢️ You’ll be calmer and less anxious.

How to manage different projects simultaneously?

βœ… Managing many projects at once requires the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value to people.

❌ And no, it does not require multitasking, just good planning, some discipline and excellent follow-up processes!

what is great marketing based on?

1️⃣ Mindset - set yourself up for success!
2️⃣ Fundamentals - gain clarity on the basic principles of business & marketing!
3️⃣ Professional skills - get organized with your activities!
4️⃣ Communication skills - level up the way you communicate with others around you!
5️⃣ Leadership - create empowerment!

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