What is the best sales strategy?

December 1, 2022
Your sales and marketing strategy should be getting you more clients. In this episode, Mari-Liis covers how to align marketing and sales for conversion. We know that marketing is about getting people to know, like and trust your brand. Sales happen when these 3 boxes are checked.

There are many places to allocate your marketing budget to gain "know, like, and trust". There are digital or offline marketing, point of sale activities, code calling, of course, networking, social media, word of mouth, etc. There are so many options!  But here's the thing, none of these work alone. You need to have a multi-platform strategy. Let's talk about it!

Action tips 

  1. Ultimately, you have two options: either push sales short-term or focus on the value to be delivered long-term.
  2. To build trust and establish your authority as an expert, you need to give value to your audience without expecting anything in return.
  3. Your role is to serve and guide your audience to make the best decision for them, and sometimes this may not be you. 


  • 3:03 - Build trust and establish your authority as an expert
  • 4:02 - Your role is to serve and help your customers
  • 5:18 - Put yourself out there and give value without expecting anything in return
  • 6:52 - Be there for your audience


"The best sales and marketing strategy is being there for them, not for yourself.”


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