Terry Bean: Raising your AQ (awareness quotient)

December 8, 2022
Terry Bean is a TedX speaker, and the founder of Trybean, a coaching, consulting, and speaking agency designed to maximize human potential that focuses on maximizing human potential, not just sales.

This episode is about Awareness Quotient (AQ), and how Terry Bean learned about it. Terry emphasizes the importance of being aware of oneself, as well as being aware of what others know about you. He suggests prioritizing tasks and focusing on the five to six most important ones. He also suggests being aware of one's circadian rhythm and energy levels, and suggests activities such as meditation, yoga, and exercise that can help with increasing awareness. Lastly, he suggests being mindful of what and when you eat, as it can have a large impact on your energy levels.

Action tips:

  1. AQ (Awareness Quotient) helps us get a much better feel of who we are (internal awareness) while making sure others know what a good opportunity is for us (external awareness).
  2. Take care of the 5 pillars of your health: spiritual, mental, physical, relationship, and financial health.
  3. More important than what you know and who you know is how you are known. Establish reputation and remain consistent with your message.


  • 0:42 - Intro
  • 2:58 - networking with Frank Agin
  • 4:37 - The difference between AQ and IQ
  • 7:57 - Time management
  • 12:53 - Task management
  • 14:14 - The importance of diet
  • 23:56 - External awareness is how you are perceived
  • 28:50 - Everyone is an influencer
  • 33:18 - Connect with Terry
  • 35:41 - Terry’s inspiration


  • "I laugh at the idea of time management, because you have 24 hours in your day wherever you are.”


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