3 Steps to Get Your Most Important Tasks Done Consistently

July 27, 2023
In this episode, hosts Mari-Liis Vaher and Laura Kukemelk from Powerful Marketers delve into the secrets of effective time management. Discover the importance of managing oneself, not just time, and gain practical insights through three essential steps for completing important tasks consistently. From discipline and calendar utilization to efficient task management and realistic expectations, these marketing professionals share valuable tips to reduce anxiety and increase productivity.

Time is a limited resource, and effectively managing it is essential for marketing professionals seeking success. In this discussion, we explore practical steps that can empower you to consistently complete your most important tasks and achieve your goals. We will uncover the secrets of efficient task management and discover how you can make the most of your time.

The Importance of Planning and Time Management:

When it comes to time management, it's crucial to understand that managing time itself is an illusion. Instead, the key lies in managing ourselves and our actions within the time we have. Planning plays a vital role in this process. By creating a clear plan and prioritizing tasks based on their significance, you can focus on what truly matters and avoid getting overwhelmed by distractions. Recognize that no one is perfect, and setbacks may occur. What matters most is the ability to bounce back and stay on track.

Efficient Task Management Tips for Marketing Professionals:

Effective task management is a skill that sets successful marketers apart. Start by planning your week and identifying your most important tasks. These are the activities that align with your business goals and have the most significant impact. Consider time-sensitive tasks as well, but remember that not everything requires immediate attention. Learn the art of delegation and purposeful procrastination to free up time for essential priorities. Embrace the "big stones, middle stones, and sand" approach, where you tackle the most critical tasks first, followed by less crucial ones. Don't forget to allocate time for administrative work and other necessary activities.

Staying Accountable and Managing Expectations:

Accountability is key to maintaining productivity and achieving your goals. Share your daily goals with a team, accountability partner, or assistant. Regular check-ins can provide support and keep you on track. Managing expectations is equally important. Focus on the activities that lead to results, rather than becoming overly attached to immediate outcomes. Embrace your calendar as a guide, respecting allocated time slots and adjusting plans if needed. Remember that building productive habits takes time, but with patience and support, you can reach new levels of efficiency.

Mastering time management is essential for marketing professionals. By managing ourselves and prioritizing tasks effectively, we can achieve our goals and maximize productivity. Embrace planning, accountability, and realistic expectations to unlock your potential and excel in your marketing endeavours. Take control of your time and make each moment count on the path to success.


  • “It is through our actions, that we give time meaning, whether it is a minute invested or a minute wasted. Of course, not everything goes as planned.”  (00:00:11)
  • "It is okay not to be perfect. What is important is to know how to get back on track and move towards your goals." (00:00:29)
  • “Nobody is managing your tasks and your time but you. So if you're not doing it very consciously, chances are that it is going to be causing you more significant problems than you might have even considered. So we want to talk about planning for a second.” (00:01:41)
  • “If you keep failing yourself, you keep damaging your self-confidence and this can really quickly lead you down the negative path where you feel like they're never in your control.” (00:02:26)
  • “Make sure to add to your calendar those most important tasks. These are the things that serve your biggest goals and really help you grow your business.” (00:05:04)
  • “Don't be overly attached to the results, just focus on the activities that will bring those results.” (00:08:15)
  • “Most people don't have a problem with working hard but managing yourself is a problem for many.” (00:09:51)


[00:01:16] The Importance of Planning and Time Management

[00:04:17] Efficient Task Management Tips for Marketing Professionals

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