Kathryn Read: How to start building an international brand?

November 24, 2022
Kathryn Read is an international sales and marketing consultant with over 25 years experience developing niche products in emerging markets. She helps companies breakthrough international barriers in Europe and Asia, creating successful entrepreneurs and a thriving global marketplace. With her consulting and mentoring, Kathryn firmly believes that business is done between people and therefore places her focus on building strong relationships that form a solid foundation.

When you look at your foreign markets as an entrepreneur, you need to ask yourself, are these the same consumers that I would have at home? Do they value the same things as my existing consumer base? How do I need to communicate the right message? 

It’s really important not to assume that things in your home market would work abroad. You need to do your market research.

Action tips:

  1. Don't assume that the things that work in your home market are going to work in the market that you are looking to go into abroad.
  2. Do plenty of research, prepare a strategy and be very clear about your USP - what makes your brand special?
  3. Localize your content (not just translate!), so that it comes off genuinely to the local audience.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:26 Introducing Kathryn Read
  • 03:04 Kathryn’s first experience living abroad
  • 05:53 Kathryn’s first experience selling to international markets
  • 08:17 Working in different countries
  • 13:47 Tips for small companies
  • 16:34 The culture is important
  • 18:08 Content factor
  • 31:07 How to sell services to other countries
  • 32:29 The importance of connections
  • 35:53 Building meaningful relationships
  • 38:33 Connect with Kathryn Read
  • 40:32 Do your research
  • 43:56 What inspires Kathryn


  • “Mistakes are the best way to learn.” - [09:55]
  • “For a small company, you need to start out with having the commitment of the management board or the owners to really go into export because exporting can be a really good way for small companies to grow their business and their profitability.” - [13:47]
  • “Look at the culture of the country that you are looking to expand into because it's not just what are their preferences for the kinds of products and services.” - [16:34]
  • “It’s very important for you to build the relationships, because if you're selling services, somehow the relationship stands even more in the foreground of any kind of contract than it does if you're selling a product.” - [33:22]
  • “I think every business owner should be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” - [41:41]


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