How to repurpose content

November 16, 2022
Your social media outreach depends on the content that you share. Social media content is an effective tool to grow your business online as it helps elevate your activity and gives you more potential to popularize your brand.

But constantly producing content can be draining for many marketers. Like many problems, this issue can easily be resolved. When scaling your business through online marketing, it’s best to focus on a topic which serves as the basis of the type of content that you produce. 

Your target audience is also interested in transparency. Showcase things that happened in your business so they would get to know you better. It’s also best to utilize past content for newer releases. One example is to turn long-form content into shorter ones such as carousels, quotes with graphics and many more. Creating content doesn’t have to stress you out. You only need to organize and plan your content accordingly.

Action tips 

  1. Build your social media content around one focus topic of the month.
  2. Showcase things that have happened in your business, e.g. events, presentations, webinars.
  3. Turn long-form content into different types of short-term content (videos, visuals, carousels, quotes etc.)


  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 3:10 - Build your social media content around one focus topic
  • 3:38 - Showcase things that have happened in your business
  • 4:10 - Reshare posts
  • 4:29 - Share the same content in different channels
  • 4:51 - Reshare user-generated content
  • 5:03 - Update your old content
  • 5:18 - Turn presentations into carousels or slide decks
  • 5:39 - Take pieces from your newsletter and turn them into social media posts


“We know that marketing involves so much more than social media. In fact, it is just a tiny part of it, yet it is often one of the most visible parts, and there's a lot of pressure to be constantly seen and constantly heard.” [00:24 - 00:54]

“Be consistent but not crazy with social media. You don't have to post every single day. It's better to put out good quality content that gets high engagement.” [01:43 - 02:09]

“You shouldn't get paralyzed by trying to achieve perfection.” [02:09 - 02:24]

“Content creation does not have to be time consuming or difficult. It just needs to be well planned and organized.” [06:41 - 06:54] 

PS! If you're looking for a framework to build your content strategy and a simple template for your content plan, then check out our Content Strategy & Content Plan Template.

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