Mike Capuzzi: The power of writing a short, helpful book to differentiate your business

November 10, 2022
Books help your business and brand stand out. Today, the Powerful Marketing Tips Podcast, welcomes publishing coach and bestselling author Mike Capuzzi.

Mike Capuzzi shares his insights on the continual importance of books. Despite digital media domination, books still retain significance. Entrepreneurs can complement their business and brand by publishing their own books. You just need an idea and discipline. Surprisingly, shorter books often provide more value for readers. 

Mike gives his advice on the process of writing books. Aiming for perfection leads to roadblocks. He touches on how entrepreneurs can find courage in conveying ideas and finding their writing voice. He introduces the term, “shooks”, which pertains to short books in 100 pages. 

Action tips:

  1. Don’t write a book that's unfocused, longer than it needs to be, without a clear purpose, or without a pathway for readers to connect with you.
  2. Strive for personality, not perfection when writing a book.
  3. A book that's around 100 pages increases the likelihood of the reader finishing the book and taking the next steps.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:33 Mike’s background in marketing
  • 6:09 Books are unique media 
  • 7:41 What are the pros and cons of writing a book? 
  • 13:02 Perfection is a roadblock
  • 15:02 Process of writing a book
  • 16:08 The difference between short and long books
  • 21:28 The structure of a book’s content
  • 25:00 What is ghost writing?
  • 30:42 Where do I write a book?
  • 36:10 Mike’s favorite song and quote
  • 38:24 Reach out to Mike 


  • “Books are different because they're not perceived like traditional marketing media.” [6:09 - 6:28]
  • “Book authors are still seen as more credible, more experienced, with higher levels of authority. There's a lot of good reasons to consider publishing a book if you're a business owner or a corporate leader.” [6:28 - 6:33]
  • “I say strive for personality, not perfection. What I mean by that is don't obsess on mistakes.” [13:13 - 13:15]
  • “I would rather see authors write in such a way that they're not focused on perfection, but they're focused on bringing out their personality.” [13:31 - 13:35]
  • “I would rather see you publish three 100 page books than one 300 page book. That gives you a lot of opportunities to have a different message.” [19:21 - 19:25]


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