Why do you need to be on LinkedIn

November 3, 2022
No one succeeds in the business world alone. Connections work wonders for your business. The more people you reach out to, the more opportunities you have. In the digital age, you can easily connect with people on social media platforms. LinkedIn provides a space where you can connect, interact, and learn from the experts of your field and industry.

Furthermore, you’re not wasting time, you’re investing time.

In this episode, Powerful Marketing Tips Podcast host Mari-Liis Vaher shares her entrepreneurial journey and how connections helped build her business. After migrating to a new country with her family, she was able to adjust well by connecting with the locals and getting engaged with their community. The same principles apply for business owners. 

Today, LinkedIn has 850 million members and it continues to grow as one of the most popular social media platforms. Its mission is to provide a platform for people to connect so they can have a fulfilling career and promising business opportunities. If you still haven’t been on LinkedIn yet, it’s time to set up your profile, create your community page, find your target audience, and engage in B2B collaborations!

Action tips 

  1. Continue to reach out to people 
  2. People go to Linked In to invest their time
  3. LinkedIn has over 850 million members
  4. LinkedIn is great for SEO


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:10 No one can be successful in business alone.
  • 2:54 The pandemic shut the whole world. 
  • 3:50 The features of LinkedIn
  • 5:15 How do I use LinkedIn?


“You need a network of contacts and people who know, help and trust you. I started searching for international networks,  entrepreneurs and their associations in order to make new connections locally.” (00:54 - 01:24)

“But there are always many more possibilities than we can see just as there are people's opinions, ideas, and everything else.” (01:47 - 02:20)

“LinkedIn is a platform that has helped us really well in building a B2B social network, and I truly recommend every business owner and professional. LinkedIn is the only social media network where people go to invest their time not to spend it.” (03:43 - 04:09)


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