Mark Savant: How to launch and monetize your podcast show notes

October 27, 2022
Do you want to monetize your podcast? Launching your own show has its own challenges, but monetizing it is a different stage in the process to success.

In this episode, Mark Savant shares his insights about the ways that you can monetize your podcast. Finding your audience, identifying their problems, and leveraging your podcast as a platform to share solutions for their problems are ways to get their attention and engagement. It all matters on the value that your show provides. If you’re a business owner with a podcasting agency like Mark, your podcast opens a window of opportunity to acquire clients so you can run their podcasts for them and earn lucrative income. 

Mark Savant is the founder and owner of Mark Savant Media, a podcasting agency that helps business owners and entrepreneurs reach six-figure revenue through podcasting. He conducts weekly group workshops where he trains members to produce and maintain quality shows and content. He hosts three podcasts and reaches tens of thousands of people on a weekly basis. The Powerful Marketing Tips Podcast is a proud member of Mark’s mastermind community. 

Action tips:

  1. Identify your audience and their problems.
  2. Come up with a solution to address their problems.
  3. Be open to learning.
  4. Continue to be curious and innovative.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:13 How did Mark start podcasting?
  • 8:25 Commitment is key in getting better. 
  • 10:00 What’s next after launching a podcast?
  • 14:22 How to address overwhelming situations
  • 21:00 The importance of making priorities
  • 25:54 Mark shares his experience with his first podcast.
  • 27:43 Monetizing and ROIs
  • 33:31 The value of ads
  • 40:00 The value of mastermind communities
  • 45:11 Everything needs to be solutions-oriented
  • 47:00 Is it worth putting up paywalls?
  • 50:51 Reach out to Mark Savant


  • “If you have an active podcast, you have to start from level one. Who is my podcast for? What is the problem that they have? What is my solution and what does success look like for them? What does their life look like after they've gone through my solution? What do you do? The more clarity you can get on those four points, the more attractive your show is gonna be to the right person. The more attractive your offers are going to be to that person.” (09:58 - 10:51)
  • “We wanna try new things, we want to be curious, we want to innovate. And then through those steps, you're gonna start to see breadcrumbs and you're gonna start to figure things out.” (13:30 - 13:50)
  • “So, that's really, I think, an important facet of your podcast, of your business as a whole is getting that clarity.” (13:50 - 13:58)
  • “So now I need to find solutions. So developing solutions that speak to that challenge that that person has is really important.” (20:05 - 20:26)
  • “If you're creating a show without solving a problem, what's the point? It could be education, it could be entertainment, it could be comedy, it could be true crime stories. But understanding the solutions and the problem that your audience has is really key.” (24:03 - 24:27) 


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