Rafer Weigel: How to build your brand through storytelling and content creation?

October 13, 2022
After a 15-year Emmy award-winning, journalism career, Rafer Weigel understands the impact of storytelling. He founded his own media company, Weigel Media Group, which promotes brands through evocative storytelling. 

Acknowledging the trends in the industry, Rafer considers content creation as an effective marketing tool to boost your brand. In the digital age when everything is connected and accessible, the best way for companies to stand out is to be creative with their content. Video production specifically works best for attracting attention.

In this episode, Rafer shares his insights about the trends of content marketing through video production. Short form videos with heartfelt stories can increase your traction on any internet platform. The best stories are those told from an authentic standpoint. Your content doesn’t have to be perfect or have the intention to impress; it just needs to be able to provide solutions for your target audience. 

When coming up with an effective marketing plan, authenticity and purpose are key to achieve the best results. 

Action tips:

  1. Identify the problems you solve for your customers.
  2. Make sure your process in production is efficient and feasible.
  3. Identify your purpose.
  4. Prove your expertise.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 4:11 How did Rafer start with his passion for storytelling?
  • 6:20 Why is press relations an incomplete marketing strategy?
  • 9:10 The importance of using video for PR strategy
  • 11:40 Should businesses maximize in-house or hire third-party marketers?
  • 16:18 Identify your target audience
  • 16:50 How should businesses tell their stories?
  • 22:45 Collaboration is a winning combination. 
  • 27:30 Styles of video
  • 34:38 Four tips
  • 39:48 Connect with Rafer Weigel


  • “If you don't have a content strategy, you have one shot to make a good impression. So if you serve them something that's not good, then you've wasted that opportunity.” (17:53 - 18:19)
  • “We want to make sure we understand what are the key messages that we need to convey before we show up with the camera.” (27:56 - 28:17)
  • “When you're offering your product, make it about the viewer and the problem that they have, and here's the product that I have for you, that's gonna solve it.” (28:59 - 29:18)


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