The hidden goldmine in marketing

October 6, 2022
Achieving business success is possible when you know how to value your customers and maintain communication with your contact base. As they are the ones who have first-hand experience with your products and services, their reviews are important in promoting your business.

In this episode, Powerful Marketing Tips Podcast co-host Mari-Liis Vaher shares insights on how entrepreneurs can make the most of their relationships with customers by treating them right. Maintaining communication, providing quality service and products, and giving them more than what they deserve helps keep this relationship intact. 

Your existing customers can make or break your business. If they receive good service, they can tell their family and friends about it. Their feedback is important to help you grow your business as their opinions influence people’s decisions and generate new leads for you and increase your sales. If they have a bad experience with you, they might discourage their connections from availing your products. Either way, your customers can be your marketers. 

By treating your customers right, you don’t have to spend much on advertising to promote your business. It’s best to be diligent and accessible in serving and connecting with your customers and contact base at all times to maintain a positive reputation. 

Action tips

  1. Create a database for your existing customers and contacts to send them regular updates.
  2. Ask for feedback and testimonials.
  3. Make improvements and showcase it.
  4. Be where your audience is.
  5. Benefit from the associations you are a member of.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 01:13 Put yourself in the shoes of your existing customers
  • 02:37 Tips for keeping with your contacts
  • 06:25 Important reminders


“If you have done an excellent job and gone above and beyond for your customers, they will also share that experience. And nothing builds trust more than getting a recommendation from a friend or loved one.” (02:14 - 02:48)

“Your existing customers are the best source of information. Ask them how satisfied they are with your service. Is there something that you can improve or add in order to provide even more value for them?” (03:22 - 03:48)

“If you are looking to increase your sales, then I also recommend that you start from your current clients. If you can provide additional value, then upselling to them is easier and more beneficial than trying to constantly find new leads and new clients.” (06:30 - 06:52)


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