The power of gifts in marketing

June 14, 2021
How to nurture the human experience through gifts? This was the topic of our Powerful Business Talks interview with Kalonnie Lipford. Here are the key takeaways from the interview. PS! Find the full recording at the end of the post.

It is never just about the items. It is about the gesture and the emotion behind the gift!

You have relationships in every aspect of your life from home to work to your clients, to your customers, to your team etc. It's so important to acknowledge that and to nurture those relationships, which means acknowledging that you are treasuring someone's time.

One thing that's often missing in many workplaces is the culture building part and the community feeling. Sometimes we get so wrapped in the 9-to-5, we go to work, do our routine activities, just trying to hit the bonuses and that may mean ending up treating people in a nasty way. We end up missing the opportunities to really appreciate those who are driving your business and ultimately your success! And personalized gifts is a wonderful way to share that appreciation and to say thank you.

How to make a great gift?

  • Keep it simple

Sometimes we have a tendency of overthinking that we want to have the best gift. And sometimes our budget doesn't match what our intentions are. That may mean ending up not even giving a gift or not going an extra step to make a gesture because you don't have the budget for the kind of gesture that you want to make. But it’s the meaning behind your actions that matter the most!

  • Personalize

When you are gifted something with your name on it, it truly does something to you as a person. It drives a personal relationship and a personal experience. Just by adding a personalized card you can make any gift special!

  • Pay attention to packaging

Small touches make a huge difference! Add a bow or just wrap the gift nicely. It shows that you took the time to put the gift together and didn’t just grab the first thing from the grocery store.

  • Make unexpected gifts

Giving gifts on holidays is expected and you can really feel the pressure to make the perfect gift. But giving gifts at an unexpected time makes the other person feel truly special.

Pay attention to the people who are loyal to you, the people who are constantly coming back to you, they're coming back because you are the gift! There is something about you that expands their experience to just want to continue to come back, so don’t forget to appreciate them for this!

Take time to say thank you. And you can do it through gifts, you can do it through a message, you can do it through email, you can do it through a video, but just take time to say thank you, because it goes a long way.

Kalonnie Lipford is the CEO and experience curator behind the Kalonnie's Gifts & Designs Brand with 11 years of experience in making personalized gift baskets.

For her each gift basket is a physical  representation of her mission to share love and appreciation in this world!

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