How to work on your side business when you already have a full-time job?

June 21, 2021
How to become an entrepreneur? That was the topic of our Powerful Business Talks interview with Vanessa Zamy. Here are the key takeaways from the interview. PS! Find the full recording at the end of the post.

Decide to live the life that you deserve, and decide to be happy and create that legacy that you’re proud of.

So many people are afraid of starting their own business, but actually entrepreneurship is an accessible thing. It can help you to not only love your weekends, but also your Mondays and every other day, when you do it right. And at the same time you can have the quality of life that you deserve. It is not merely about the money, but about the sense of fulfillment. Remember, the happier you are, the better off your kids, spouse and friends are. Being fulfilled and satisfied just spreads joy all around! So why are people so afraid to take the first step towards entrepreneurship?

Misconceptions about becoming an entrepreneur:

  • “You have to burn the midnight oil and burn the candle at both ends”

People assume that when you have a full-time job, then to build a side business, you have to work 24/7, stay up till 2 am, take a three-hour nap and wake up again at 5 am. But this is not sustainable. And actually, it is not about spending countless hours doing something, but it’s about getting stuff done! A lot of people are just busy being busy. They're doing things that aren't really adding to what it is that they need to be doing.

  • “You have to quit your job and commit 100% to your new business”

Actually, by starting your business while still being employed at your day job, you provide your business the necessary capital. If you quit your job before you have a solid foundation for your business, it is likely to crumble before it can even get off.

  • “A good idea will sell on its own” 

Regardless of how good your idea is, it is of no use when people don’t know about it. You need to do at least some marketing and sales activities. Gain clarity on your strategy, visualize your path and then start working towards your goals purposefully and productively.

It's not the time, that's the problem. It's how you're using the time, and how it is to get what it is that you need to get done. You still have 24 hours, but when you are mindful and productive, it can truly feel like you have more! Stop being busy and start on a path to being productive and calm.

Let go of being like a hamster in a wheel: constantly running but actually not getting anywhere, still remaining at the start line.

One of the biggest myths about "the hustle" is that it goes hand in hand with burnout and fatigue. 

Healthy time efficiency really comes down to putting you first and creating quality over quantity. Your time is your most valuable resource. In today's fast paced society, it's very, very easy to lose track of it in pursuit of all the to-do's that you got going on and all the hats that you're wearing. You can hustle around and breathe at the same time. Really optimize the synergy between your life and your goals. Ensure that you get stuff done and get the help that you need in order to keep moving forward towards peace, productivity and prosperity.

Vanessa is the founder of Your Vision's Catalyst, in which she helps 9-to-5ers grow a profit-producing and purpose-driven business so they can smoothly transition into full-time entrepreneurship. She is also the author of “FINISH: The Solopreneur's Guide to Getting Stuff Done”.

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