Michelle Griffin: How to get started with LinkedIn Marketing?

December 15, 2021
“Put yourself out there,” says Michelle Griffin on the Powerful Marketing Tips podcast. She is a personal brand strategist and founder of BRANDthority. Michelle’s mission is to support business owners in achieving growth goals and becoming thought leaders in their respective industries, particularly through the networking power of LinkedIn.

Michelle uses LinkedIn as her go-to platform to grow her personal brand and teaches her clients how to do the same. On today’s episode, she shares useful strategies for getting started on LinkedIn, including how to write a great headline, what type of photo to use, and how to create a banner that gives a lasting first impression. Michelle also highlights the importance of having a business page on LinkedIn as a way to give your company legitimacy and authority. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for a conversation with Michelle Griffin and host Mari-Liis Vaher about the importance of building your brand and how best to accomplish this on LinkedIn. If you’ve been wanting to create a standout LinkedIn profile, but you’re not sure where to start, this episode is for you!


  • “I would only choose LinkedIn if it is where your audience is and where you’re comfortable of course and where you can make the biggest impact.” (02:52-02:58)
  • “Your headline…The first 50 characters are what people see when they connect with you, when you comment. It follows you around the entire platform.” (06:25-06:36) 
  • “Put yourself out there is my mantra.” (10:49-10:51)
  • “[Your featured section] is truly the area where you should talk about you…If you’re a consultant or entrepreneur have your booking thing there, too…Think of it as a sampler platter of what you do.” (16:45-17:26)
  • “Let’s be a brand authority. Let’s be that authority in your industry. Authority sounds powerful but you’re not self-promoting. A lot of my clients are really experts and have a lot of expertise but they don’t want to say it, so that’s a nice way to say it without being really braggy.” (24:45-24:59)


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