How to build and maintain trust in marketing

December 29, 2022
The 2021 Brand Trust Index revealed data showing a common thread; people are purchasing from brands they recognize. It turns out nostalgia is a thing.

As a business, you need to capture that recognition through marketing by building “know, like, and trust”.

Today, host Mari-Liis Vaher explains how to audit your client portfolio, open communication and start building lifelong relationships with your current and future customers.

Action tips 

  1. Customers are gravitate towards 'familiar' faces and brands as they offer a certain sense of security in today's uncertain world.
  2. "Know-like-trust" concept is all about building and maintaining relationships.
  3. Keep people interested: consistent and valuable communication essential.


  • 0:16 know, like and trust
  • 0:56 2021 Brand Trust Index
  • 1:56 How to update your portfolio
  • 4:40 What questions are consumers asking?
  • 6:05 Build community


"The best sales and marketing strategy is being there for them, not for yourself.”


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