Michelle J Raymond: LinkedIn company page for building community

December 22, 2022
Michelle J Raymond spent 20+ years in sales-focused roles and discovered social selling on LinkedIn around eight years ago. She founded Good Trading Co to share her experience with business owners that recognize modern B2B sales happen online!

Michelle believes that building a successful company page requires setting clear business goals, involving the CEO, having the right resources, setting up the page correctly, and staying consistent over a long period of time. She also encourages business owners to build a community around their company page by inviting suppliers, customers, employees, regulatory bodies, and government bodies to join the page to become an industry leader.

Today, Michelle shares her five-step process for building a successful LinkedIn company page.

Action tips:

  1. LinkedIn has a lot of new features to help businesses grow their pages faster, such as LinkedIn Newsletter and LinkedIn Live.
  2. Use LinkedIn to position yourself as an industry leader and build a community around that.
  3. 3-2-1 strategy for LinkedIn content creation: 3 posts about thought leadership, 2 posts about you, your business or your team, and 1 post about your product or service. 


  • 0:51 - Intro
  • 2:08 - Greetings & new LinkedIn features
  • 5:00 - LinkedIn newsletters
  • 8:01 - LinkedIn live 
  • 10:14 - LinkedIn audio rooms
  • 13:04 - Consistency with repurposing content
  • 20:34 - Speaking to the 5% that are ready to buy
  • 23:06 - The 3-2-1 Strategy
  • 30:45 New book LinkedIn branding book


  • "The best sales and marketing strategy is being there for them, not for yourself.”


Connect with Michelle J. Raymond: 

Here are Michelle’s books:

- The LinkedIn Branding Book: https://mybook.to/The_LinkedIn_Branding_Book

- “Business Gold: Build Awareness Authority and Advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages”  https://getbook.at/BusinessGold

What inspires Michelle into action:

Here's the full episode on YouTube:

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