5 biggest challenges in marketing in 2023

January 26, 2023
Mari-Liis Vaher is a marketing professional and the host of the Powerful Marketing Tips Podcast. She specializes in helping businesses overcome marketing challenges and achieve success.

Today, Mari-Liis is explaining the 5 challenges marketers face in 2023. Understanding the market and overcoming objections early in the sales process is important. 

International cultures are shifting regularly. Mari-Liis explains the importance of sustainability and vision to build powerful brand stories.

Technology is making huge advances! Artificial intelligence, digital wallets, metaverses, blockchain, crypto currencies, NFTs are all becoming relevant in the marketplace. How does technology impact the customer journey? How can we find opportunities to better serve clients?

We hope you love this fresh episode and find some ways to innovate your business and your marketing this year. We’re excited to watch what you do!

Action tips 

  1. Trust crisis in marketing
  2. Sustainability needs to be part of all processes
  3. Failing digital solutions
  4. Gaps in understanding the entire client journey
  5. Unrealistic expectations for marketers


  1. "There is a considerable trust crisis in marketing from different stakeholders” (:54)
    “Marketing and communication (need to be) taking responsibility for the future.We are all playing our part in climate change and we are especially younger generations, very well aware that we cannot live without the mitigation and solving the sustainable development challenges.” (2:20-2:42)
  2. “Exponential digital transformation is the most significant paradigm shift in recent microeconomic history.” (3:24)
  3. “Customers likely interact with your brand online and offline. Consider linking online and offline customer behavior data.” (4:51)
  4. “You need different skilled people. To build strong marketing, you need a talent who has the right mindset, who understands the fundamentals of marketing, and its alignment with business growth realizes the professional skill skills required to execute strategy and has excellent communication and leadership skills.” (6:10-6:46)


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