Selene Snippe: Why is guest agreement for entrepreneurs and creators necessary

February 2, 2023
Selene Snippe is an international contract lawyer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She helps entrepreneurs, brands, creators, and podcasters be legally compliant, protected, and paid with contracts. Her years of legal experience and intimate knowledge of online business are the foundation of her services. 

Anytime there is an exchange of value and money contracts should be a consideration. Typically, custom contracts are very expensive, complicated, and cumbersome. Thankfully, many businesses require very similar contracts. Selene recognized this problem for business owners.

Selene’s developed a library of the most important contracts every online business should have. Let’s face it, we don’t want legal problems. Contracts protect us!

In this episode, Selene shares some important questions hosts and guests should ask: Should you have a guest agreement? What’s copyrighted? What deliverables should be listed?

We hope you enjoy this episode! We wish you no legal problems in the future!

Action tips:

  1. A guest agreement is necessary if you are a guest on someone else's platform (e.g. podcast, mastermind, YouTube video, recorded meeting etc.)
  2. You can either license (give permission for the use of content for specific purposes) or assign your copyrights (give away the full rights) as a guest.
  3. The guest agreement should include the purposes and the logistics of the content (e.g. format, length etc.), as well as information on obligations, promotions, payments and release of liability.


  • “A guest agreement is an agreement that people use when they are a guest on someone else's platform. You really need the explicit consent of that person.” (5:09)
  • “Yes, emails are also legitimate in court for sure. But there are a lot of things that might not be covered by an email or in the recording. You want to make sure that you have full consent and you completely understand what you are agreeing to.” (8:50)
  • “If you license your copyrights, then you can agree on the places where the recording can be used. You probably want them to use it for either the publication of the recording or for promotional purposes. You could agree in the contract in which cases they can use it, but also when you can ask that person to take it down.” (13:03)
  • “In the contract you always want to have a provision that releases the host from any damages and liability for using their name or likeness or image in the recording. Even if you don't get paid, definitely make sure to have that specified in the contract.” (22:49)
  • “Contracts could be done in a less awkward way. Another way to do that is by creating terms. So you turn that contract into terms and conditions that they can agree to.” (27:39)


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