Nick Cramp: Why leaders need to evolve before they can transform their companies?

January 18, 2022
Are you contemplating the best strategy for growing your adolescent business in 2022? According to Nick Cramp, business owner and author of Better Before Bigger, there are six key areas of your business to focus on improving. 

Nick works with adolescent businesses to help them grow into sustainable, mature companies. In his book, Better Before Bigger, he outlines six key areas that consistently lead to successful growth. He emphasizes the importance of growing better before growing bigger and explains business growth as climbing a mountain with periods of growth occurring at each plateau. The six key areas discussed are: inspirational leadership, strategic clarity, reciprocal relationships, numerical extrapolation, reputational maximization, and operational optimization.

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips to hear in depth descriptions of each of the six key steps to business success. Learn how to take your adolescent company to new heights by changing your mindset and refocusing your growth strategy!


  • “[When I started business coaching], that’s when my real education started into understanding business life cycles, understanding what it takes to achieve sustainable success in a repeatable way which allows the business owner to feel in control and grow the business. I think the difficulty is that complexity around growth and control and it genuinely seems you can have one but you can’t have both simultaneously. My journey over the last few years has been working primarily with adolescent stage companies and trying to understand what’s the difference between the ones that scale successfully to maturity and the ones that never get past that stage.” (03:36-04:27)
  • “When we start in business we look at business growth as being like climbing a mountain. When we’re a kid we see mountains as being triangles…when in reality a mountain is climbing, plateaus, slight downhills, more climbing. It’s actually much more nuanced. I think that’s what we forget when we run a business. That at various times we need to be on a plateau, and that means we have the time to catch ourselves up, refocus, re-energize, re-strategize…let the business catch up.” (05:06-06:03)
  • “Once we’ve made a commitment public, we are much more likely to stick to it.” (15:36-15:40)
  • “They owe it to themselves to take the time to grow better before bigger. They’re the one ultimately paying the price of their current strategy. They’re the one that’s feeling overwhelmed, slightly trapped, slightly resentful that they haven’t got more time. My advice would be that you owe this to yourself and as the leader you get a say in this. You’ve got the permission, the opportunity to put a different strategy in place. If the current strategy is not working for you, change it. Be brave, be courageous, and do something different rather than just plow on expecting something magically to change.” (34:35-35:27)


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