Jacob Dazzeo: How to Use Google Ads to Grow Your Business?

May 17, 2022
Do you need help understanding how to use Google ads to grow your business? Paid ads are a great way to quickly drive traffic to your business. In order to effectively use paid ads, you will need to have access to analytics to see if the traffic is converting into business growth. In today’s episode, Jacob Dazzeo, founder and CEO at Watson Digital, a digital marketing agency, explains how to get started with paid advertising.

According to Jacob, Google is the best place for most businesses to start investing in paid advertisements. When you run a paid ad on Google, your business will show up at the top of the listings whenever anyone searches for a service or product related to your industry. Make sure that your website has Google Analytics set up, so you’ll be able to see how those clicks are translating into sales or new clients. The next step is to include keywords in your paid advertisements that will help direct customers to your website. While Google ads are effective, it takes a little bit of time. Jacob suggests trying each new ad strategy for at least three months to give the platform’s algorithm enough time to get your content to the right people.

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for a conversation about how to grow your business using paid Google advertisements. Learn how to get started creating an ad campaign, how to determine which keywords to use, and the top three questions to ask when hiring a digital marketing agency or freelancer.


  • “Generally, almost every website you go on has Google Analytics attached to it. I think Google Analytics can get just about anyone, especially someone you know, who owns a small to midsize business.” (4:11-4:24)
  • “One of the keys to running any paid ads strategy on any of the platforms, whether it be Google or Facebook or Pinterest or TikTok or any of the others is to make sure that you have some sort of conversion tracking. And the whole point of that is that you want to know if that traffic is turning into new business.” (4:40-5:00)
  • “One of the pitfalls that a lot of people fall into is that Google tries to kind of push you into a very, very automated strategy.” (10:31-10:40)
  • “With keywords, the key is to really think about it from your potential customers perspective. If you can put your mind into the place of your ideal client avatar, then you should be able to kind of know what they'd be looking for.” (12:42-13:01)
  • “If it's too broad, it's not going to work and you're gonna risk spending a lot of money bringing people to your website for something that you don't offer.” (14:01-14:09)


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