Geoff Strauss: How to Use Case Studies in Your Marketing?

June 14, 2022
Have you been struggling with effectively communicating your story? One way to help convey your business’ messaging and your brand’s story is through a case study. A case study is similar to a testimonial, but is longer and more detailed. It is written in a compelling, conversational style that is more relatable for the reader and helps them envision themselves as your client. In today’s episode, writer and content marketer Geoff Strauss shares his tips for using case studies as a marketing tool. 

It’s one thing to tell people how great your business is, but it’s another to be able to back up your claims with actual evidence. That’s where a case study comes in. A case study is a formal document that gives the full story of your business relationship with a client. When people read the case study, they will see businesses just like theirs benefitting from their relationship with you and they will be able to picture themselves in that same position. You can also use pieces from the case studies on your website, on advertisements like fliers, and on social media to get even more value out of your investment. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for a conversation about using case studies in marketing. Learn what a case study is, what makes it different from a testimonial, and how to get started with writing your own case study.


  • “If you're just out there saying how good you are, you're asking people to believe you, but you're not necessarily going to the proof or the evidence or reason to trust you. And that's where a case study comes in. Because it's the words of your actual clients saying what they experienced working with you, and sharing their journey from what they were facing to what they realized, from working with you. And that's a powerful marketing piece, because then people don't have to wonder if they can believe you, they can see what you've actually done for other people just like them, and they can see themselves going through that process.” (3:27-3:59)
  • “I found that at the price point that I use, if it turns even one lead into a client, people are making more return than what they're investing on this piece of marketing. So it's a very cost effective piece of marketing.” (7:36-7:50)
  • “Read what you've written and think if that is something you would say to somebody in person. If it doesn't sound like what you really say, then you need to rewrite it.” (15:19-15:30)
  • “If people can see something and say, Oh, that's just like me…That's going to be really good for your business, because people can see themselves as your client then.” (16:50-17:01)


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