Finding the Right Marketer for Your Business

May 18, 2023
In this episode, Mari-Liis and Laura from Powerful Marketers discuss the common struggle of finding the right marketer for your business needs. They highlight the overwhelming nature of marketing and the need to recognize that one person cannot handle every element. The hosts provide leadership advice on how to choose the right marketer and emphasize the importance of recognizing what you don't know. The discussion also touches on the various roles a marketer can fill and the time-consuming tasks that come with each.

It all comes down to understanding what it is that you need from a marketer. It is not realistic to expect one person to be an expert in all the different activities marketing entails. Just like building a house, you would not expect one person to do all the tasks from designing the house to installing the roof and furniture. The same is true for marketing. 

  • If you already have clarity on strategy, have established some marketing fundamentals, and need someone to just handle administrative things, then what you need is a marketing assistant.
  • If you need someone specialized for specific tasks and someone who can manage daily projects (i.e., digital and social media, content, events, etc.), then go for a marketing specialist
  • If you are still in the process of determining your vision and strategy for marketing, then you need someone who is experienced in this, someone who sees the bigger picture, and can help you build your brand, its communication style and marketing strategy. Look for a marketing leader or CMO.

You have to know what is the missing piece in your marketing. Otherwise, you will spend your resources, time, and money, but again you will not experience the expected results. Also, be aware of how different personalities affect the work style. If you’d like to know the type of marketer that you are, then take our quick quiz at


  • "Business owners believe that one marketer can fill all the roles connected to marketing in general. But this is definitely an unreasonable amount of work to be expected from just one person. So they are looking for someone who would be a great strategist, who can come up with tactical plans, great budgets, do all the content creation for example, do some designs, short videos would be nice of course, maybe website development. Why not, right?" - 00:01:18
  • "The first step would be to really clarify and understand what it is that you actually need from that marketing person.” - 00:02:55
  • “Don't expect that marketing specialist to also be in the role of a marketing leader. They may have great ideas, of course, but this is not what they are most skilled in. So you may need to hire some other talent for that marketing leadership role who is more analytical and who can help you out there.” - 00:03:29
  • "You have to know what is the missing piece in your marketing today. Otherwise, you will spend your resources, time, money, also nerves. But again, you will not experience these expected results." - 00:04:22
  • “Build your business house, I would say, with marketing alignment, with a solid foundation, and you will feel so much how it takes off this daily burden. Otherwise, I know that you will keep being busy with being busy without any marketing alignment and business growth.” - 00:04:46


  • [00:01:32] A variety of tasks in marketing
  • [00:03:54] Do you need a marketing assistant, specialist or leader?
  • [00:04:20] Start with clarity and hurry slowly

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