Anush Mnatsakanyan: How to Get Started With Video Marketing?

April 5, 2022
Have you been wondering how to get started with video marketing? In today’s episode, Anush Mnatsakanyan, CEO and Co-Founder at Burnwe, shares tips for how to begin your video marketing journey.

Video marketing is all about strategy. First think about the goal of your video, the intended audience, and what platform you want to share it on. Research keywords related to your topic beforehand and be sure to use them throughout your video. Most importantly, if being on camera makes you nervous, start first by making videos just for yourself. That way you can become more familiar with the tools and more comfortable in front of the camera before worrying about sharing your videos.

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for a conversation about video marketing. Learn about tips to get started recording and sharing your own videos and the best tools to use for video editing.


  • “It’s all about the strategy. First you create a strategy, then you create a video, then you think about the distribution.” (5:43-6:53)
  • “Before getting started with Youtube Marketing, start with researching the keywords. It is the first thing that people need to do. When you search keywords on Youtube search, it will give you an understanding of what people want to watch.” (8:20-8:36)
  • “You should take all the things that are in your hand and try everything to see which works for you. Because something may work for me, but something may be different for another person and your audience may ask for different content. So I would suggest doing everything in your hand.” (13:33-13:52)
  • “I can only recommend getting started with simple videos. Create a lot of stuff, vlogs, share tips. Share everywhere. If you see the results of video marketing, hire a team who can help you with professional production.” (20:54-21:08)
  • “I would recommend starting with recording yourself and sharing educational content. That’s the most important thing that you can start with in video marketing. Because it’s a time when you explain yourself as an expert in the industry, people start to trust you more when you’re sharing educational tips with them. I know a lot of people are struggling to be in front of the camera, even I did. Nobody can say it is easy. In the beginning, start creating videos for yourself. Later on you will understand that you want to share these videos, and you will start doing that. I recommend starting even right now, just turn on your camera and start recording your videos.” (26:59-28:23) 


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