How to use Canva to create beautiful designs for your marketing?

April 14, 2022
It is crucial that every marketing material or a social media post that you put out there helps build your brand awareness and brand consistency. In today’s quick tips episode, Laura Kukemelk shows you how to use a free and simple tool by to create beautiful designs. If possible, we recommend watching this episode on YouTube.

In today's Laura talks about a very important matter in marketing and that is the visual part. By the way, if possible, we recommend watching this episode on YouTube as later Laura will be sharing her screen. But if you are on the go, no worries, Laura will do her best to explain what is happening on the screen!

So in terms of marketing, no matter what platform you use, you always want to stand out and represent your brand in the best possible way. Since photos and videos grab people’s attention way more than just regular text, it is crucial that every marketer uses them deliberately to build brand awareness and also brand consistency. 

If you just add a stock photo to your social media post without any other design elements, then it doesn’t reinforce your brand’s image and can easily confuse your audience. On the other end of the spectrum, however, there are some brands that go overboard with adding design elements and therefore lose all authenticity. So, it is all about finding the right balance - your material should remain authentic enough for people to not see it as an ‘advertisement’, yet it should subconsciously remind them of your brand.

So, how to achieve that? 

  1. Well, ideally, you should have a designer or a videographer or a photographer that understands your brand and delivers you the results that you need. In reality, however, not all small business owners can afford to employ a designer and sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to hire one if you don’t have enough work for them. Of course, there are many wonderful creative agencies and freelancers who are happy to help but sometimes it is a question of a limited budget or a matter of limited time and you need something fast.
  2. So that is why in this episode Laura wants to briefly talk to you about - a design software that is accessible for every marketer and business owner. There is even a free version with lots of functionality, however for a small subscription fee, you do get a bit more freedom. Such as creating your design in various sizes, saving a brand kit so that all your brand colors and fonts are automatically there and so on.
  • To see Laura's screen and walktrough of the basics, watch this episode on Youtube.

Here's the full episode on YouTube:

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