Kim Shepheard: How to Manage Multiple Projects at the Same Time?

April 19, 2022
Are you overwhelmed trying to manage multiple projects for your business at the same time? As business owners, it is easy to get caught up trying to do too many projects all at once. The risk with doing that is having certain tasks fall through the cracks due to disorganization or lack of planning. In today’s episode, Kim Shepheard, owner of Shepheard Marketing, shares tips for managing multiple projects at the same time.

The first step for managing multiple projects is planning. In order to successfully manage these projects without getting overwhelmed, you need to plan ahead, organize your tasks, and often delegate tasks to others. Taking a break from your projects to spend time on overall organization can be beneficial in the long run and help your business run more smoothly. Kim’s tips include using project management software such as Trello, using communications software like Slack, and creating detailed calendars with every task assigned to the calendar. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for a conversation about how to manage multiple projects at the same time without getting overwhelmed. Learn how to create a plan and utilize project management software to your advantage as well as when to take a step back.


  • “I believe in planning, rather than being reactive in your business. So if you can plan ahead, for what you want to do at that time of year, during that month—what your goals are. By strategically working to reach those goals and really looking at the analytics of all of your efforts, you will have much better results than being reactive and just trying things for the sake of trying things, in terms of marketing.” (3:03-3:34)
  • “You may think that busy means revenue and business growth. But growing blindly isn't really going to help. So figure out what you actually want to do, and then outsource the rest. So you can organize your life and your time and your business and start reaching those goals, I think is the best thing that you can do.” (8:51-9:16)
  • “Being a leader rather than just a manager is really important.” (13:33-13:37)
  • “I think no matter who you are, it's a good idea to take that break, to put those systems in place to test them out to see if they work.” (25:28-25:37)  
  • “If you just do it, do the hard things first, it will make your life a lot easier later on.” (26:17-26:22)


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