Break the cycle of feeling unmotivated and tired as a marketer

April 9, 2021

Guest post by: 

Gaya Stepanian, 

The Magnet Lady

Feeling unmotivated or tired can put a damper on almost anything we want to accomplish. Now add pain to the mix and we really face an uphill battle. Marketers may attribute feeling tired and unmotivated to external factors like age, stress, workload, deadlines, poor diet and so forth. And while these factors certainly play a role, there is something that contributes even more: unknown microscopic factors called “germs”.

Most people do not realize the problems germs cause within the body.

We begin to accumulate germs throughout our life from day one. We pick up viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi in all sorts of ways. We pick them up in all sorts of ways and in a variety of places, at hospitals, in food, in public spaces, from family and friends, from the air and in a pool or lake.  Germs are part of life and while I don’t recommend living in a bubble or becoming a germaphobe, it is necessary to understand how important it is to boost your immune system so that it can fight off germs quickly.

You see, germs thrive and multiply in particularly acidic or overly alkaline environments. But in neutral environments they cannot survive.

Our cells are made up of tiny little electric charges:

  • neutrons (neutral electric charges)
  • protons (positive electric charges)
  • electrons (negative electric charges)

When these charges are out of balance, we become overly acidic or alkaline. This means that in extreme the body either gets sick or wears down, leading to exhaustion, low motivation, stress and so forth. 

Through the revolutionary work of Biomagnetism, people are beginning to understand how germs create conditions, and how to get rid of these conditions once and for all.  

The question is...

  • how do we access Biomagnetism?
  • and are there other tools we can use to help recover our pizazz?!  

The answer to the second question is absolutely YES!  But to answer the first question, simply visit for more information on Biomagnetism.  

However, there are many simple steps we can take to recover our energy and motivation:

  • Start by reducing red meat and pork in your diet. Avoid diet sodas, limit low fat, nonfat or skim foods, reduce the amount of sugar you put in your body.
  • Begin drinking 3-5 glasses of lemon water a day. Lemon water boosts alkalinity and it helps clean our filters like our liver and kidneys. When these organs are clean, we have much more energy. Lemon water also helps us lose weight.
  • Another way to boost your energy and motivation is to spend more time outdoors, walk barefoot on the grass or on the sand. This helps clear the mind, recharge our energy and get focused again.  

And if all of this seems too complicated, I recommend drinking highly absorbable nutrients with adaptogens like Solle Vital, Verdezymes or Solle Excell to clear the body and give the body an extra boost of incredible nutrition. It’s helped me feel 17 again with so much focus and productivity. 

As a marketer, you have the absolute right to feel incredibly energized and motivated each day, so seize the moment, make a few changes and your clients and your body will love you for it!

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