3 pros and 3 cons: hiring a marketer vs using a marketing service

December 14, 2021
Are you stuck trying to decide what would work better for your growing business - hiring a marketer or using a marketing service? In this quick tips episode of the Powerful Marketing Tips podcast, Mari-Liis Vaher explains the 3 pros and 3 cons you should consider before choosing your course of action. Find the episode transcript below.

If you are a business owner, then at one point or another you have probably come to the point where you realize that you may need to do more in marketing than you are currently doing. And depending on your resources - your time, money, skills - you may choose to do it on your own OR you may choose to hire some help. But the question is - should you hire an in-house marketer or go for a marketing service provider? In today’s episode, I will share 3 pros and 3 cons of hiring a marketer versus using a marketing service based on my experience.

So, let’s start with the 3 pros of hiring a marketer:

  1. Having an in-house marketer means that you have somebody working on your marketing full-time and giving it their full attention.
  2. When you hire a marketer, you gain a team member! They are with you at the office, you can work side by side and you are in this together! 
  3. Hiring a marketer means that you get a bigger sense of control: you see the work that they do and can react quickly when necessary.

On the other side, we have 3 cons of hiring a marketer:

  1. You have to equip your marketer with everything that they need: this may mean having to buy a new laptop, expanding your office, subscribing to different marketing automation softwares etc. If you were to use a marketing agency, they would be responsible for all of that.
  1. Potential disruptions in your marketing due to your employee taking a vacation - as is their right. When you use a marketing service provider, they would be responsible for finding a substitute for that time period that your designated project manager is on vacation - and your service will continue uninterrupted.
  1. The third con of hiring a marketer is that it requires a bigger time commitment & financial investment. You have to motivate and train your employee, and also pay the employment taxes on salary which tend to be a lot higher than taxes for buying a service.

So, to wrap it all up. There are pros and cons for both options: hiring a marketer or using a marketing service. But I would say that with a good service provider, you also get a peace of mind that your marketing is in good hands and taken care of, especially if this service provider has really proven itself on the market already. 

Here's the full episode on YouTube:

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