Troy Ericson: How to level up with email marketing

March 16, 2023
Email marketing is an important part of any business. Troy Ericson is the owner of Email Paramedic, a top Email List Management company which helps to increase your open rates & sales of your emails. His company has helped clients generate over $50,000,000 since 2019. He was recognized as the #20 Copywriter globally by Peter Tzemis from Traffic & Funnels. Troy understands social media, direct response marketing, salesmanship and copywriting, which in the world of business and driving revenue is the holy grail.

In this episode Troy shares the importance of a good email marketing strategy and his insights on best practices for email marketing, including making sure to have an offer, sharing valuable content, having a good subject line and copywriting, staying in communication with people, and starting immediately rather than trying to make everything perfect. 

By taking action and following the five steps mentioned by Troy in the episode, you will be able to create a successful email marketing campaign that will help to increase sales and create a strong connection with your customers. So take action and start creating  successful email marketing campaigns today.

Action tips:

  1. Use compelling stories in your emails and connect them with your offers.
  2. A great email should be centered around the following: curiosity, benefits, relatability, credibility, time frame for action, testimonials.
  3. The more simple the email design, the better it performs.


  • “Ultimately you just have to view email as another platform, where people are going to hear from you and where you're gonna build that Know-Like-Trust relationship with them.” (10:11)
  • “If you're putting out valuable content to people, they're not going to leave. They're not going to get annoyed.” (10:55)
  • “Email is just a very special place where it's almost like you're reading a digital book each day.” (19:13)
  • “Create something that's more expensive and gives people a good amount of value and I can make way more money, literally just by creating that offer, having a higher ticket price.” (22:00)


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