Powerful Marketer Program

Designed to empower overwhelmed business owners.

  • Does a lack of marketing presence hold you or your company back?
  • Is it too overwhelming to manage marketing that would drive your sales?  
  • Do you feel that there is too much information out there, a set of techniques, and a lot of channels to use, content to create etc?
  • Are you afraid of missing out on opportunities for you and your business due to a lack of clarity, non-existing systems, unorganized personal or company activities?

Rule Your Marketing that drives sales long term!

Powerful Marketer Program provides proven strategies, an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to cover marketing gaps & drive your performance personally and professionally!

Powerful Marketer Program

Become empowered NOW!

What results can you expect?

You are here for results, no doubt! We get it and we will help you achieve them!

Personal Growth

  • BOOST your self-confidence and learn to handle stress.
  • IDENTIFY key areas of development for a balanced and successful life.
  • TRACK your personal KPIs for conscious and continuous growth.

Business Results

  • INCREASE control over your marketing activities.
  • CONVERT your leads into customers, and customers into loyal clients.
  • ACHIEVE your business results with GOALS-driven marketing.

Inspiring Leadership

  • DISCOVER leadership skills that help keep teams accountable.
  • EXPAND your communicative skills and professional networks.
  • MULTIPLY your time through timeless team & time management techniques.

Ready to get started?

If you don’t control your marketing, it will control you!

kimberly shepheard - marketing agency owner from colorado, USA

Kimberly Shepheard for Powerful Marketers

Our Process:

We have taken 20 years of trial and error experience in marketing, sales and leadership, worked through hundreds of books, articles and resources, invested countless hours into university studies, courses, conferences, coaches and programs, attended numerous international networking groups and Masterminds, and have condensed everything we have both learned and done into one logical system with 5 pillars to empower you to build the career and life of your dreams.

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Choose your preferred option:

do it on your own

Excellent choice if you have high self-discipline and want to go through the program in your own pace.

  • Instant full access to all video courses
  • One Time Monthly Live Training Access
  • Pick & choose the videos and action items that you go through
  • Community & Membership Area Access
  • Special Bonuses: easy-to-follow and downloadable tools, worksheets & templates for application
  • Total length: 25 academic hours (20 academic hours worth of video material and 5 academic hours for completing the action items)




we do it with you

Ideal for busy professionals who need help with accountability and want to implement new learnings together with our coach.

  • A dedicated personal coach & calls every other week
  • 1:1 Hands-on help with practical guidance
  • Community support and networking
  • Special Bonuses: Free access to our trainings and easy-to-follow tools 
  • Ready-to-use and built for you Trello Board for documenting, organizing and systemizing the workflow
  • Total length: 40 academic hours (20 academic hours worth of video material, 5 academic hours for completing the action items, 15 academic hours for coaching calls).

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Money Back Guarantee

We believe in this process 100% which is why we provide full refund for our coaching customers if for any reason they are not 100% satisfied after trying the program for 30 days.


EU certified

Adult Education Training License Number 215171. Issued by the Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia (European Union) on 28.05.2020.


Our mission is to empower overwhelmed business owners

to rule the marketing that drives sales for long term

CONNECT TO US DIRECTLY: no one will be left behind. Our coaching clients will have 1:1 coaching calls every other week and we organize powerful live events for all our customers every month. 

NETWORK WITH OTHER MARKETERS in the Powerful Mastermind Club: we will help you to find new contacts all over the world and you are welcome to join our monthly Masterminds to learn and grow together.

GET INSTANT ACCESS TO OUR SIGNATURE TRAINING: learn, get inspired, download and start action items, tools and templates. Learn more about the training on the link HERE.

And that’s only scratching the surface… There’s so much more you can unlock!

Here’s what people are saying about the course

We are so grateful to our amazing students who have  achieved great results as a result!

Justin Hein


The moment you join the program, it motivates you to take a step outside of your comfort zone.

This program helped me confirm that the things I’ve been doing were not wrong, but there’s a big room for improvement. And the program provided me the materials where I could bring that growth into real practice.

Errit Kuldkepp

Marketer & entrepreneur

I'm really not good at Excel sheets, but the templates inside the program are of immense value!

From this program, you can have it all - not only the knowledge, but also those seemingly "boring" tables, which are actually really necessary! And everything you need is all there!

Jim Sharman

Communication coach

I found the extra action items and the extra resources incredibly valuable.

There's some really-really good stuff in there that you can dip into. For example, you will see the Eisenhower Time Management Principle Matrix in a different light and I knew that one backwards and forwards until I saw your version of it!


Who is the Powerful Marketer Program created for?

The program is designed for marketing professionals and business owners. Bear in mind, it is not a course designed for complete beginners. We do not cover the absolute basics, but we do give you powerful tools to enhance your career and improve your results as you embrace the holistic marketing approach.

What does the program help me achieve?

The focus of the program is equally on your professional AND personal growth, because both of them are necessary for your long-term success and happiness. After all, you are a whole, which is why you need to embrace the holistic approach! Be prepared to work on your anxiety, to overcome disabling habits, to build your confidence and to take full responsibility for your dreams and for your life. As a result of completing the program, you'll know how to navigate the ever-changing waters in business and in life. You'll feel more in control of your time, performance and results.

What does the learning process look like?

The program consists of 5 modules, all of which build on top of the other, carving a path to your professional and personal success: mindset, subconscious support system, professionalism, communication literacy and leadership skills.

The key to achieving long-lasting results lies in the balance of 15 hours of motivational video content and 55 action items which allow you to put theory into practice. Depending on the version of PMP you choose, you can benefit from either weekly Q&A calls or from private sessions with your coach.

Is the powerful marketer program trustworthy?

The content of the program is based on more than 200 sources, including timeless academic knowledge and research, as well as powerful principles of today’s most influential thought-leaders.

Over the course of 15 hours of video material, you can expect to learn insights from:

  • psychologists, such as Daniel Kahneman, Carol Dweck, Dan Ariely; 
  • expert marketers, such as Seth Godin, Philip Kotler, Gerald Zaltman; 
  • powerful leaders, such as Brian Tracy, Lewis Howes, Rory Vaden, Robert Kiyosaki, Hal Elrod, John Maxwell, Simon Sinek and many-many more!

How much time does it take to go through the program?

There are 2 versions: individual (25 academic hours) and coaching (40 academic hours). At the end of the course, each student needs to take an exam and upon successful completion will be rewarded a certificate.

The amount of time it takes for you to complete the course depends on how much time you are willing to allocate to it every week. Typically for people going through the program on their own, it takes around 20 weeks (with 1-2 hours of time commitment each week). With 1:1 coaching version, you can expect to complete it in 6 months (book a call here to find out more about this option). Of course, you are always welcome to adjust the pace as needed!

Can i purchase just one module?

Unfortunately no, because the whole learning process is centered around the holistic approach. All of the modules are connected and necessary to achieving the level of personal and professional success you desire.

can i network with other students in the group?

Absolutely. All the students are part of the private members group, where it's possible to connect with other marketers and business owners, to ask questions and to share your challenges and victories. This is the place for inspiration, motivation and support!

will i get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. At the end of the program, you’ll take the exam and upon successful completion will receive a certification proving that you’ve gone through the program. Our Adult Education Training License, issued by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, is approved by the standards of European Union.

what if i discover that this program is not the right fit for me?

Don't worry, the risk is ours! If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied after trying the program for 30 days,  just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund. To be eligible for the refund, you must have completed at least 50% of the videos and participated in at least 1 Q&A call.

A message from the creator of the program


Thank you for being here!

My name is Mari-Liis and I’m a GO-GETTER. I’ve always dreamed big and wanted to make something of my life. However, as a kid I suffered a lot and maybe you are also someone who has had tough experiences that have affected you. I’m here to help you to use every experience you have had as a stepping board for greater things in your life. You can overcome many things, but you just need someone to help you see that and I get it!

Let's get stronger together as I want you to rule your marketing, your business and yourself! And you are welcome to read my story to inspire you to start aligning your business with the dreams and hopes you have always had! I truly believe everything indeed is possible!

Sincerely Yours,
Mari-Liis Vaher