Key steps to remember about customer journey

May 23, 2022
Have you ever been in a situation where everything is excellent and spotless up to the point you pay for the service or product? After that, there’s nothing, not even a single email, as if they have vanished.

We recently came across a similar situation where after paying the bill, there was complete silence for months. Meanwhile we received an email asking for feedback about the service, then another one. Bear in mind, we still had not heard anything back. After several emails from us and talking to a different person in each letter, we were finally able to discuss the onward process.

But obviously, by that time the whole thing had left a rather bitter taste in our mouths. Which is why we wanted to give a little reminder how not to lead this process.

  • 1. Communication is the key! 

Be ready to answer any follow-up questions or queries the customer might have. After the payment process make sure to email them the following steps and keep in mind not to ask feedback until they have actually received the service or product. It’s important to remember that the customer is more likely to share their negative experience rather than positive and people tend to remember and hold on to it.   

  • 2. Keep up with follow-up activities

 Follow-up activities after sales are absolutely crucial and always go hand in hand with marketing. You can provide amazing customer service beforehand but if you don’t keep it up after sales, the previous doesn’t matter. The customer wants to feel wanted, important and remembered. Building trust with your customers is really important and imagine spending all that time to gain their trust and respect and ruin it all by simply just not following up. 

  • 3. Relationship with the customer

 Another really important thing to keep in mind is that your journey and relationship with the customer is practically never-ending. This is a constant cycle which includes regular contact with them by emails, newsletters etc.


In the Powerful Marketer Program, we have created the Client Journey Flywheel process to manage marketing and sales activities. You can read about it in more detail from our blog.

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