Jason Cercone: Grow your personal brand with podcasting

September 16, 2022
Do you want to grow your brand and establish a visible online presence? There are plenty of ways to do that. While social media and the internet is an avenue for quality content, podcasting gives you a chance to spread your message, connect with people, gain your audience, and engage with your community. It’s also an opportunity to learn from the insights of guests and hosts with specific areas of expertise. 

In today’s episode, we welcome Jason Cercone, the founder of Cercone Consulting which leverages podcasting for brand-building. As a podcaster and content creator himself, Jason offers his insights on the importance of producing quality content for podcast shows and how guest appearances on shows can help increase your popularity. Authenticity is also key in being able to connect to your audience. 

With podcasting as an effective tool for sustainable marketing, Jason shares that launching and maintaining a show doesn’t have to be stressful. All you need is commitment. Invest in tools, experiment with your creativity, empower your team and audience, and find the reason why you want to launch a show in the first place.  

Action tips:

  1. To grow your brand, be authentic. 
  2. Provide value to your audience. 
  3. You need to understand and familiarize how your podcasting platform works.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:42 How Jason Cercone started out with podcasting 
  • 7:00 What are the pros and cons of launching your own podcast?
  • 13:30 People listen to podcasts for various reasons. 
  • 15:44 How to monetize your podcast
  • 20:20 Invest in the tools you need to produce quality content. 
  • 25:50 When is the ideal time to launch your podcast?
  • 30:50 Reach out to Jason 
  • 35:10 Important message and advice


  • “Coaches, professionals build their personal brands through the podcast space by being dynamic value-driven guests. And helping them understand how they can benefit from being a guest.” (05:11 - 05:36)
  • “You're gonna get more comfortable and confident with your voice. And once you reach that critical point to where you're making guest appearances that are truly impacting your brand, you're connecting with audiences and your message is resonating with them.”  (08:21 - 08:42)
  • “We have to be producing content that's quality, and it gives the audience something that they can walk away with feeling good.” (09:07 - 09:29)


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