Bob Wheatley: Why Should You Build a Personal Brand?

June 1, 2023
In this episode, Mari-Liis interviews Bob Wheatley, a personal brand expert from the Brand Builders Group. The discussion revolves around building a credible personal brand and how it correlates with business success. Bob shares his experience of switching from being a professional baseball player to a personal branding expert. The episode shares insights into the importance of personal branding and how it can foster connections, inspiration, and growth in business.

Bob Wheatley serves as the Inside Sales Director of Brand Builders Group. A well-respected orator, Bob has spoken in rooms of thousands of people, and he’s performed in stadiums of ten-thousands. As a former professional athlete, Bob played in both the Toronto Blue Jays’ and St. Louis Cardinals’ organizations, and he amassed innings pitched in over thirty states and countries. Bob is well-researched in the fields of health, fitness, finance, and sales, and he’s passionate about helping his clients serve others. 

In today's fast-paced world, a strong reputation is essential for personal and professional success. Today we will explore the key steps to strategically craft a positive and memorable reputation, enabling you to thrive in various aspects of life.

  1. Present Yourself with Purpose
    Self-awareness is the first step in reputation building. Evaluate how you come across to others and ensure you project confidence and enthusiasm. By aligning your image with your aspirations, you shape the perception others have of you.
  2. Intentional Content Creation
    Crafting your reputation extends to the content you share. Whether on social media or other platforms, create positive, helpful, and inspiring content consistently. This fosters a positive perception among your audience.
  3. Cultivate Meaningful Relationships
    Building strong connections with like-minded individuals enhances your credibility and reputation. Surround yourself with people who share your values and whom you trust. Collaborative success is often built on meaningful relationships.
  4. Start with Branding, not Marketing
    Focus on building a personal brand rather than imitating already established figures. Become an expert in a specific area, such as through courses, podcasts, or keynote speeches. Breaking through the "wall" of obscurity becomes more achievable when you excel in one domain.
  5. Build Your Reputation Online
    Define your brand DNA—your identity, target audience, and how you generate revenue. Concentrate on one core area rather than being a generalist. Streamline your efforts and invest in yourself and your business. Leverage social media platforms to share your story and create valuable content.
  6. A trustworthy Reputation is the Key
    Trustworthiness is paramount in today's world. Establish clarity on your brand DNA, emphasizing your identity, target audience, and unique value proposition. Making your business ownership recognizable builds trust, as customers prefer connecting with the owner. Showcase your success to enhance credibility.
  7. Trust People, Not Companies
    Focus on building a personal brand that highlights your uniqueness and the value you provide to customers. Ensure your brand DNA is clear, concise, and consistent. Forge personal connections by making yourself recognizable as the business owner. Invest in personal and professional growth, network, and utilize social media and content marketing to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Strategic reputation crafting is vital for success in today's world. By being mindful of your presentation, intentional with your content, and nurturing meaningful relationships, you can shape a positive and memorable reputation. Start with branding, focus on your expertise, and establish a strong online presence. Remember, trust is the foundation of success, so invest in yourself, be authentic, and let your reputation pave the way forward.


  • "What we say is if you have diluted focus, you get diluted results." (00:08:35)
  • "Pick one brick on that wall and hammer it over and over and over again. It could be your podcast. It could be your keynote speech. Get really, really good at that, become known for that. And then once you break through the wall, you could be like the Rock and start a tequila company, right? (00:08:46)
  • “You want to have new clients. You want to have new podcast listeners. You want to be seeing the business grow. This is the foundation. You don't live in a foundation. You live on the foundation. So you have to start there.” (00:11:47)
  • “You have to determine on the front end who you are, who you serve, what problem you solve for the world and how you make money. What is your monetization strategy? Cause if you're doing the Oprah model and you're saying I'm doing everything, you're going to be the Jack of all trades, master of none. It does not work for the non-Oprahs of the world.” (00:12:00)
  • "74% of Americans are more likely to trust somebody if they have an established personal brand." (00:15:54)
  • “It is helpful to have a podcast coach 100%. But if you don't have your brand DNA set up, some awesome microphone is not going to save you or working on Zoom versus Riverside versus some other studio platform is not going to save you.” (00:18:41)
  • "58% of Americans are willing to pay more money if somebody has an established personal brand." (00:20:53)
  • "Remember that people work with people rather than companies and they are willing to pay you more." (00:24:45)


  • [00:06:33] Personal branding and reputation
  • [00:08:19] Focusing on better results
  • [00:11:38] Building a strong foundation
  • [00:15:38] Personal branding importance
  • [00:19:26] Personal branding and trust


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