5 Reasons to use Google Workspace to organize your teamwork

February 3, 2022
If you have a team and multiple projects that you have to take care of, then being organized is key! In this quick tips episode of the Powerful Marketing Tips podcast, Laura Kukemelk shares 5 reasons for you to consider using Google Workspace to organize your teamwork. Find the episode transcript below.

If you have a team and multiple projects that you have to take care of, then you have surely experienced the struggle of how to organize everything nicely. What typically happens is that we have different documents all over the place, some are on the cloud, some are saved on our desktop, some are lost forever and nobody knows what happened to them. 

Another thing that can happen is that we have those multiple discussions on the same topic in different channels: sending an email, asking a quick question over the phone or on Messenger or wherever. And when you truly need to find something, a piece of information that you know was mentioned somewhere, then just in case you have to check everything because you don’t remember in which channel you talked about it. Sounds familiar? Well, we’ve also been there.

It can be a lot to manage it all. And that is why today I want to share our experience at Powerful Marketers with organizing everything with the help of Google Workspace. If you are a Gmail or Google Drive user, then you’ll definitely love this. 

So, let’s take a look at 5 reasons to use Google Workspace to organize your team & projects!

  1. Reason number 1 is that in addition to regular email, you also have the ability to chat with different team members inside the Google Mail window. You can create group chats, react to messages, share photos and files and even schedule meetings directly from the chat. 
  2. Reason number 2 is that you can make yourself available or busy for chat - which means that when you need to focus and are not to be disturbed, your team members will know. 
  3. Reason number 3 to use Google Workspace is that you can create Spaces for your different projects. Spaces are like tiny homes or folders for your projects - within a space, team members can add notes, create tasks for themselves and for each other, upload files and collaborate on documents directly. Super convenient and organized! 
  4. Reason number 4 is that by creating tasks for others in your team, you will see in real time when they have completed it - avoiding unnecessary back-and-forth. 
  5. Reason number 5 is that you can schedule meetings with team members who are in the same Space with you and it will create an event on your Google Calendar and include a Google Meet meeting link as well, so there is no confusion about when & where is the meeting happening.

Our experience at Powerful Marketers with Google Workspace has been really great and I truly recommend it for every business owner who struggles with getting organized.

Here's the full episode on YouTube:

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