Ari Galper: Trust-Based Selling

February 8, 2022
Have you struggled with gaining a potential client’s trust? People have their eyes open to ingenuity and are quick to believe a salesperson is not being honest. According to Ari Galper, CEO and founder of Unlock The Game, building trust is the most important component of sales.

Ari tells listeners that trust should be built before you even attempt to sell something. If you are always focused on meeting your sales goal, people will be able to pick up on that and won’t feel as comfortable with you. Listening to clients and being able to accurately diagnose their problem helps to foster a more authentic connection. If you start off by building a true connection, people will be more likely to purchase your product or service.

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for a conversation about a different, more honest approach to sales. Learn how to build authentic connections with your clients and rethink the ways you have been taught to sell in the past.


  • “Somewhere along the way it has become socially acceptable not to tell the truth to people who sell.” (05:53-06:00)
  • “I said to myself, ‘This has to stop. I’m never gonna chase anybody ever again, because it’s dehumanizing, it’s unprofessional and it lowers your authority.’” (07:35-07:46)
  • “You lose more than you make. You burn lots of leads by not focusing on trust with the other person. By only focusing on your goal, the sale, it disconnects you from them feeling comfortable with you and opening up to you and telling you where they stand.” (13:42-13:57)
  • “We’ve been taught in sales our job is to build relationships with people. And I tell my clients, you build a relationship with somebody after they’re a client. Not before they’re a client.” (19:32-19:44)
  • “When you’re able to diagnose their issues and amplify them and peel the onion back more, they feel that you understand them at a deep level. And that feeling is resonating. When you resonate with someone it’s a vibration, they feel this connection to you because you’re the only one who is not trying to prescribe a solution before you diagnose the problem. See in sales, we’re taught to present our solution once we qualify somebody. So the goal is not to qualify them. The goal is to build trust with them.” (19:57-20:29)
  • “Stop selling and build trust instead. You’ll double your sales by doing that.” (30:47-30:54)


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