Greg Friel: The Importance of Authenticity in Business

February 1, 2022
Are you struggling with running your business in a way that feels authentic? According to Greg Friel, musician and marketer at Freelance Music and Media, one of the most important ways to improve and grow your business is to be true to yourself.

Greg began his career as a singer and songwriter, and this creativity flows through every aspect of his work in marketing. He encourages business owners to think about what is most important to them and to create content that resonates with those values. Greg explains that as long as you are authentic in all that you say and do, people will grow to trust and like you and be more inclined to do business with you. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Powerful Marketing Tips for a conversation about finding and being your authentic self. Learn how to channel creativity into your business, how to ask for help when you need to, and how to align your business with your personal values.


  • “I find that whenever I’m doing creative work, it just keeps fueling more creative work. I always say…that creativity really is the currency. Everything else in business is being commodified.” (03:43-04:04)
  • “Stress is always the enemy of creativity.” (05:14-05:17)
  • “Reducing stress is the key factor to encouraging creativity.” (06:04-06:09)
  • “It’s always about being authentically yourself and you have to be true to who you are. Whenever you are really aligned with ‘this is who I am and this is what I want to do’ and you’re doing that work, that tends to be when you’re in your happy place and doing your best work.” (07:59-08:18)
  • “The secret to everything is just to simplify everything. To me, authenticity is quite simply when what you say matches what you do. Then you’re being authentically yourself.” (08:42-08:54)
  • “The greatest thing you can learn as a business owner, especially when things are overwhelming, is you can’t do it all by yourself. If you look at successful businesses over the years, there are very very few stories of self-made men or women achieving everything totally by themselves. There was always somebody along the way that offered a helping hand....I think we all really really need that in our business journey and certainly for me that’s become a recent addition to my working life. For so long I was like ‘I do this by myself, this is me’....Now the things that I’m not good at or less good at, I bring in somebody who is really good at those things and that takes away a lot of the stress. I think a lot of the overwhelm comes with thinking I have to do all of this by myself.” (14:38-15:57)
  • “Be yourself in what you say and what you do. Those have to match.” (27:41-27:47)


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