The #3 key result area of any successful marketer: Discipline eliminates threats: BE WISE!

December 9, 2019

The world as we know it today is bigger than ever. Not only is the number of people at record levels (over 7.7 billion people!), the amount of information has also increased exponentially. Researchers at the University of San Diego have calculated that on average, every person receives 34 GB of information in a day! This amount is enough to overload an ordinary laptop within a week.

Everything is constantly changing. In 25 years, humanity has largely moved online. Given people’s long history, this is just a split second in which people’s consumption patterns, the way they do business, have completely changed. While it was once said that oil is the most important resource of mankind, in today’s world it’s data.

Marketer’s success is not a funnel.

It is a repeatable cycle, which relies on long-lasting principles you can harness and master. 

  • How to know that you are using the right channels & activities for your market? 
  • How can you ensure that you are complying with Global Marketing Legislation
  • How can you deal with FOMO and still be up-to-date with the latest trends

It’s all there every day & you need to know what to automate and what not, where to run and why and why not! You cannot underestimate those activities & you need to take action to work with the disciplines that help you the best.

Because no matter how ingenious your business strategy, innovative product or marketing trick, in the 21st century, you cannot do business as if it were an island on its own.

There are many influences:

…from competitors, influences from politics and cultures, legislation, clients and customer relationships. If you ignore these influences, you will act in the dark, not knowing when someone will pull the rug under your feet. You need a clear understanding of what and who influences your business and how these factors can work to your advantage in order to build a strong business and brand that stands the test of time.

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